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Nabatäer {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Nabataeans' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nabatäer {pl}hist.
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  • During the Antigonid–Nabataean confrontations, the Antigonus became aware of the wealth of the Nabataeans.
  • The Nabataeans were allies of the Maccabees during their struggles against the Seleucid monarchs.
  • The Hasmoneans lost the territories acquired in Transjordan during the 93 BC Battle of Gadara, where the Nabataeans ambushed Jannaeus and his forces in a hilly area.
  • The Nabataeans were the lords of the region at least until 106 AD when the Romans conquered their capital Petra.
  • Some authors assert that the Lihyanites fell into the hands of the Nabataeans around 65 BC upon their seizure of Hegra then marching to Tayma, and finally to their capital Dedan in 9 BC.

  • This agreement however did not last, as Antipater the Idumaean convinced Hyrcanus that Aristobulus was planning his death and to take refuge with Aretas III, King of the Nabataeans.
  • The Nabataeans and the people of Hatra also worshipped al-Lat, equating her with the Greek goddesses Athena and Tyche and the Roman goddess Minerva.
  • As also happens with other religious buildings in Petra, it is unclear what deity, if any, the Nabataeans would have worshipped at the "Great Temple".
  • The Nabataeans generated wealth from the trade route that passed through their capital, Petra.
  • The Nabataeans of Iraq or Nabatees of Iraq (...) is a name used by medieval Islamicate scholars for the rural, Aramaic-speaking, native inhabitants of central and southern Iraq (the [...]) during the early Islamic period (7th–10th centuries CE).

  • Shaqilath (Nabataean Aramaic: [...] , "ŠQYLT"; also spelled "Shaqilat", "Shaqeela", "Shaqeelah", "Šagīlat") was a queen of the Nabataeans.
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