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ADJ   Nabatean | - | -
NOUN   a Nabatean | Nabateans
Nabatean {adj}
Nabatäisch {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Nabatean' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nabatean {adj}

Nabatäisch {n}hist.ling.
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  • The episode "A Nabatean by Any Other Name" won the Special Jury Prize at the 8th International Archaeological Film Festival in Brussels.
  • In 106 AD, the Nabatean kingdom was annexed by the contemporary Roman Empire.
  • PBS's Nova Special "Lost City of Stone" and "Ancient Megastructures: Petra", television series from PBS and National, were dedicated to the Khazneh, and to the theories of Nabatean construction techniques and engineering.
  • Dionysus was worshipped in the same Nabatean temple dedicated to Dushara. This practice of associating the worship of local and Hellenic gods was common in Hellenistic Syria.
  • The fusion of Nabatean, Hellenistic and Roman styles also characterizes the architecture of the region.

  • Referring to the mixing of Aramaic and Arabic, O'Connor states that "the Raqāsh Epitaph is closer to being a polyglot puzzle than Nabatean plain text".
  • Abdʿobodat (Nabataean Arabic: عبدعبادة "ʿbdʿbdt") son of Wahballahi, was a 1st-century Nabatean Arab stonemason who worked in the city of Hegra, and constructed a number of monumental rock-cut tombs.
  • According to archaeological finds, Udhruh was a Nabatean settlement from at least the early 1st century BCE.
  • A specialist in the archaeology and epigraphy of the Ancient Near East, she is known for her research on Nabatean writings, the evolution of the Nabatean script into the Arabic, and archaeological excavations at Petra and Mada'in Saleh.
  • Old Arabic is the name for the pre-Islamic Arabic language or dialect continuum. Various forms of Old Arabic are attested in many scripts like Safaitic, Hismaic, Nabatean, and even Greek.

  • The religious architecture was mostly represented by the Nabatean temples, represented by several architectural models built to suit the Nabatean rituals of worship, most notably the Great Temple and the Temple of the Winged Lions.
  • During the Nabatean period, the route became a part of the Spice Route.
  • The importance of the site centers around its ability to provide important answers to questions about life outside of the capital at Petra during the Nabatean period.
  • An altar dedicated to the Semitic deity, Baalshamin in 94 CE, now in the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, indicates that a Nabatean religious building previously stood on the site.
  • The term nabati is considered to have been derived from the Nabatean civilization, an Arab kingdom that arose in north-western Arabia and had its cultural center in the city of Petra.

  • The Nabateans built Petra, which stood halfway between the opening to the Gulf of Akaba and the Dead Sea at a point where the Incense Route from Arabia to Damascus was crossed by the overland route from Petra to Gaza.
  • In 98 BCE the Hasmonean King Alexander Jannaeus subjected the city to a 10 month siege, wresting control of the city and the trade routes to the ports of the Eastern Mediterranean that passed through it from the Nabateans.
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