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NOUN   a Nabatean | Nabateans
Nabatäer {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Nabateans' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nabatäer {pl}hist.
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  • The Nabateans incorporated numerous sculpted panels, figurines and decorative friezes into their buildings at Petra and made pottery.
  • However, few modern scholars claim without proof that Epiphanus may have mistook the word "ka'abu" ("cube", etymologically related to the name of the Kaaba), referring to the stone blocks used by the Nabateans to represent Dusares and possibly other deities, for the proper name of a goddess.
  • The ancient site was founded by the Nabateans, probably in the late 4th or early 3rd century BCE. Roman historian Ptolemy (d. c. 150 CE) identifies Elusa as a town in Idumea west of the Jordan River.
  • Many civilizations existed on the soils of Madaba, most prominent are the Moabites, Nabateans, Romans, and the Arab Muslim empires.
  • The power of the Nabateans extended over the caravan routes south and east of Judea, from the seventh century BC to the second century AD.

  • However, in 30 BCE Herod charged Hyrcanus with plotting with the Nabateans and put him to death. Josephus states that Hyrcanus was 80 years old at the time of his death.
  • "Hawrani"-style architecture is dated to at least the 1st century CE, when the Nabateans moved their capital from Petra to Bosra.
  • The three raids against the Nabateans either came to nothing or ended in disaster for the Greeks.
  • The Nabateans also used a controlled system of canals and tubes of clay to distribute water throughout the city.
  • In 98 BCE the Hasmonean King Alexander Jannaeus subjected the city to a 10 month siege, wresting control of the city and the trade routes to the ports of the Eastern Mediterranean that passed through it from the Nabateans.

  • The Nabateans maintained close relations with the Romans since their arrival in the southeastern Mediterranean area. Under Augustus they were a Roman client kingdom.
  • Archaeological evidence shows that Ein Avdat was inhabited by Nabateans and Catholic monks.
  • Later the eastern Arabah became the domain of the Nabateans, the builders of the city of Petra.
  • The campaign came quickly to a halt (25 BC) because of the heavy losses in the troops (Romans, Hebrews and Nabateans), due to hunger and epidemics.
  • Near Golan, Alexander Jannaeus was ambushed by King Obodas I of the Nabateans.

  • Agriculture practiced by the Nabateans in the arid desert conditions where the annual precipitation is of the order [...] , is through a well developed irrigation system consisting of hundreds of small dams, channels, cisterns, and reservoirs which collect flood water.
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