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Nabis [Les Nabis]
Nabis {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Nabis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nabis [Les Nabis]
Nabis {pl}arthist.spec.
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  • Once this had become clear, Philip attempted to free up his forces by handing the city of Argos over to Nabis of Sparta, but Nabis then engineered a revolution in the city and organised a conference with Flamininus, Attalus and the Achaeans at Mycenae, at which he agreed to stop attacking the Achaeans and to supply troops to the Romans.
  • During the siege at Gythium, Pythagoras had joined Nabis at Sparta, bringing with him 3,000 men from Argos.
  • At public auction in New York (12 June 1980) a painting of Jossot's was sold with the remarkable title "Anti Nabis" (ref: Bénézit 1999).
  • Following Machanidas' death, Nabis, a nobleman from the royal house of the Eurypontids, a descendant of King Demaratus, rose to power in Sparta and became the new regent for Pelops.
  • One of Nabis' well-known torture devices, the Apega of Nabis, was modelled after her.

  • In 195 BC, however, the Roman Proconsul Titus Quinctius Flamininus was persuaded by the Achaeans that the power of Nabis in the Peloponnese needed to be checked.
  • He was a member of Les Nabis from its 1889 founding.
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