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Nabonidus [king of Babylonia]
Nabonid {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Nabonidus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nabonidus [king of Babylonia]
Nabonid {m}bibl.hist.
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  • The Nabonidus Chronicle is an ancient Babylonian text, part of a larger series of Babylonian Chronicles inscribed in cuneiform script on clay tablets.
  • ... 556 BC) and brought Nabonidus to power in 556 BC.
  • The Cylinders of Nabonidus refers to cuneiform inscriptions of king Nabonidus of Babylonia (556-539 BC).
  • Finally, Conan and the other two men manage to escape from the basement and regain entry into Nabonidus' mansion.
  • The first quote shows Nabonidus's devotion to Sin, and also shows that Nabonidus was “one who has nobody,” i.e.

  • Taylor found clay cylinders in the four corners of the top stage of the ziggurat which bore an inscription of Nabonidus ("Nabuna'id"), the last king of Babylon (539 BC), closing with a prayer for his son Belshar-uzur (Bel-ŝarra-Uzur), the Belshazzar of the Book of Daniel.
  • This period of peace lasted until Nabonidus rose to power in 556 BC and sought to occupy several areas to the south of Al-Jawf including Tayma, Lihyan, Khaybar, and Medina.
  • In this work Bristowe reconstructs the ancient chronology of Mesopotamia based on the Cylinder of Nabonidus.
  • The Amanian Gate was mentioned in the ancient Nabonidus Chronicle.
  • "Nabû-balātsu-iqbi") was the father of the Neo-Babylonian king Nabonidus ([...] 556–539 BC).

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