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NegritoPygmäe {m}
NegritoNegrito {m} [Südostasien]
Buschmann {m} [Afrika]
Andean negrito [Lessonia oreas]
Oreastyrann {m}
austral negrito [Lessonia rufa]
Patagoniensporntyrann {m}
Patagonian negrito [Lessonia rufa]
Patagoniensporntyrann {m}
rufous-backed negrito [Lessonia rufa]
Sporntyrann {m}
Salvin's negrito [Lessonia oreas]
Oreastyrann {m}
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  • Negrito {m} [Südostasien] = Negrito
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  • It takes place during the "Dali" reign era (766-80) of Emperor Daizong of Tang and follows the tale of a young man named Cui who enlists the aid of Mole, his negrito slave, to help free his beloved who was forced to join a court official's harem.
  • The genus was erected by the English naturalist William Swainson in 1832 with the Austral negrito ("Lessonia rufa") as the type species.
  • If the father was 'negrito' (Aeta) and the mother was 'india' (Austronesian/Malayo-Polynesian), the child was classified as 'negrito'.
  • The Andean negrito ranges through the mountainous regions of central Peru south into western Bolivia, down into north eastern Chile and northern Argentina.
  • Its first verses are still remembered: "Yo soy aquel negrito del África Tropical / que cultivando cantaba la canción del Cola Cao /..."

  • Prior to the establishment of the permanent Spanish settlement in the Philippines in 1565, Simancas was led by Mangkas, a negrito warrior.
  • According to the EnCaribe web page, Alvarez Guedes represented both "el gallego—"– a handlebar-moustached Spanish immigrant, whose physical appearance was that of Alvarez Guedes himself — and "el negrito", a street-smart Afro-Cuban who relentlessly mocks el gallego.
  • In Baja California, he founded the state's first newspaper, "La Vanguardia", and published works like "El negrito poeta" (1918), and his translation and analysis of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe (1920) in Spanish.
  • A person of mixed Negrito and Austronesian ancestry were classified based on patrilineal descent; the father's ancestry determined a child's legal classification.
  • (or Konron; Chinese:Kunlun nu which denotes a black man or negrito) and the Rikishi (wrestler or "Strong Man") is outright obscene.

  • There is no historical evidence about the origin of Maldivians; there is also no indication that there was any negrito or other aboriginal population, such as the Andamanese.
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