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Nicely done!Gut gemacht!
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nicely done up {adj}nett eingerichtet [Räumlichkeit, Restaurant etc.]
nicely {adv}liebenswürdig
nicely {adv}angenehm
nicely {adv}schön
nicely {adv}auf nette Weise
nicely {adv}nett
nicely writtennett geschrieben
nicely styledmodisch gestaltet
to ask nicelyhöflich fragen
Nicely said.Schön gesagt.
nicely said {adj}nett gesagt
It dovetails nicely.Es passt gut zusammen.
to be doing nicelygut vorankommen
It is going nicely.Es läuft wie geschmiert. [Redewendung]
to go nicely with sth.gut zu etw.Dat. passen
That will do nicely.
Das genügt vollauf.
to distinguish nicely (between sth.)(zwischen etw.Dat.) fein unterscheiden
to do nicely for oneself [derogative]sich's richten [österr.]
to hold nicely in one's handgut in der Hand liegen
Play nicely. [Br.] [Don't quarrel.]Vertragt euch!
done {adj} {past-p}
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  • "Did I Tell You" is the fourth single released by The Spinto Band, as well as the fourth single from the album "Nice and Nicely Done".
  • The book was nominated for the Hugo Award Science fiction author David Langford described the book as a "good read", saying that the master-pupil relationship is "very nicely done", and that "Cherryh's worked hard to make you "want" the answers to each riddle".
  • "Nice and Nicely Done" is the fifth studio album by The Spinto Band, released on June 7, 2005 in North America and April 7, 2006 worldwide.
  • The hand drawn animation is nicely done and the CGI is good too".
  • Really, nicely done", but they thought the game could use a more in-depth stealth aspect: "As it happens, not developing stealth to its fullest potential turns out to be one part of a greater underlying problem with "Destroy All Humans".

  • Blood Gulch was recreated by a fan for the game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", with "Kotaku" calling the map "very nicely done".
  • But the direction was nicely done by the director.
  • NY Daily News deemed it "a nicely done CD rip-off of the old "Incredible Journey" movie".
  • They did find the early plot nicely done.
  • Most boxes, up to the 1970s anyway, portrayed nicely done artwork (often more expensive for the companies since artists need to be contracted), though some early boxes were plain white with the Mercury logo only.

  • Cynthia Littleton of "Variety" wrote that the episode was "nicely done all around" and praised the "great visual touches of film noir".
  • This agency devised a "nicely done logo" on a simple black background.
  • After a 2011 murder of a fuerdai, resentful comments included "he deserved to die" and "the murder was nicely done".
  • It is assumed that among the works now given to Bernaerts at the Louvre a number must be authentic, most probably the nicely done, rather antiquated portraits of different poultry races.
  • has some punchy dialogue-baazi and snazzy action, especially a nicely done shoot-out at a night market.

  • Crew" an overall score of 71%, complimenting the game's graphics and stating that overall the game was "nicely done" but that it "never quite captures the imagination."
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