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NOUN   noodling | -
VERB   to noodle | noodled | noodled
noodling | noodles
noodling Noodling {n} [Technik des Fischfangs für Katzenwelse]
to go noodling [Aus.] [to sift through mining refuse for opals] nach Opalen suchen [Abraumhalden nach Opalen durchsuchen (z. B. sieben), die die Schürfer übersehen haben]
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  • Noodling {n} [Technik des Fischfangs für Katzenwelse] = noodling
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He earned the nickname "Noodles" for his frequent "noodling" on the guitar.
  • Steve Morse remembered the creation process of the song: "“Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” started as me noodling, playing quietly to myself.
  • "Machines Against the Rage" (1996) and "The White Albun" (2004) both included live versions, the former featuring extra guitar noodling by Tokin' Blackman.
  • A related method of catching catfish by hand is called noodling in the United States.
  • Such erratic work could be tossed off as mere noodling, but Ribot puts his heart into this performance and it shows".

  • The equivalent term used in searching for opal is noodling.
  • Johnny is noodling on the drums. Emily brings him his coat.
  • 5 out of 5 stars and said that it "features less avant-garde noodling and more straight-up Youth".
  • Scott of "The New York Times" wrote: "The movie itself evolves in reverse, starting life as a moderately clever grab bag of high-concept noodling and half-witty badinage before descending into the primordial ooze of explosions and elaborate lower- intestinal gags".
  • 5 out of 5 rating, calling it a "silly, self-indulgent, meandering 48 minutes of uninspired progressive noodling, and one that deserves to be quickly forgotten by fans of either founding musician".

  • A bit of jazzy piano is heard as the album cover is displayed, but it's not from this record, but rather from Paul McCartney, who's noodling around on a piano in the hotel room.
  • The show starred Oklahoma fishermen Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson, self-proclaimed "hillbillies" who take tourists from cities on noodling expeditions in muddy lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Though the album was praised for "admirable instrumentation" and "lyrical ambition," it was criticized for its "spaced-out noodling" and a lack of discipline.
  • AllMusic critic Jason Lymangrover wrote that the band melds "the aggression of punk with the technical intricacies of prog rock," using "jerky shifts in time signatures and disjointed guitar noodling with a close resemblance to Don Caballero and Hella."
  • from Cacophony and a recording of Becker "noodling" on guitar.

  • The town's observatory has your star-gazing needs taken care of, but you can also go 'opal noodling', essentially fossicking for the gems in a town that was once a hub for the opal mining industry.
  • The AllMusic site awarded the album 4 stars stating "Anderson's breezy noodling on standards, his own poignant originals, and overall aggressiveness were passed on to many prized pupils, as well as Hancock; now, the teacher gets some credit".
  • The Oklahoma lake record catfish that was caught by noodling weighed 87.85 pounds (39.85 kg), was [...] long, and [...] in girth.
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