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Nyo-Sprachen {pl}
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Nyo languages
Nyo-Sprachen {pl}ling.
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  • On 23 June 1316 (5th year of Shōwa), she took tonsure as a Buddhist nun and given the Dharma name Shin'nyo Gen (真如源).
  • As Hakuin wrote in his Ode To Sitting Meditation (坐禅和讃, "Zazen Wasan") when one turns the light around and awakens to one's self-nature, "then opens the gate of the oneness of cause and effect" (因果一如の門ひらけ, Inga ichi nyo no mon hirake).
  • In a review by THEM anime the characters as a whole of the original anime series are described as cute but with "schizophrenic, sometimes homicidal personalities that just incite cringes from any sane member of the audience" Carl Kimlinger from Anime News Network gave Di Gi Charat Nyo's first DVD a review in which he describes Dejiko having a "mercenary personality and butt-scratching manners" with a "frilly-cute exterior".
  • She ends her sentences with "-nyo!".
  • "Awen nyo Kuryonchotei: Nta Amunee to Kuweti Kuryong’otei Kimukulmet".

  • Spanish Knoll (Halm Española \'h&lm e-spa-'nyo-la\) has a highest point of elevation 48 m located on Bulgarian Beach on Hurd Peninsula, eastern Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.
  • ... , ‘Halm Dañobeitia’ \'h&lm da-nyo-be-i-'ti-ya\) is the sharp rocky hill rising to 205 m on the north coast of Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.
  • Nichiren's father was Mikuni-no-Tayu Shigetada, also known as Nukina Shigetada Jiro (died 1258); and his mother was Umegiku-nyo (died 1267).
  • The dragon name Zennyo Ryūō is written with Japanese "zen" 善 "good, goodness; virtuous", "nyo" 女 "woman; female" or "nyo" 如 "like; as if; be like; thus" (differentiated with the "mouth radical" 口), and "ryūō" 龍王 or 竜王 "dragon king".
  • Kale Kye-Taung Nyo ([...] , [...]; also spelled Kale Kyetaungnyo or Kalekyetaungnyo; 1385–1426) was king of Ava from 1425 to 1426, and governor of Kale Kye-Taung (Kalay) from 1406 to 1425.

  • The New-haw-teh-tah-go were settled next, near the creek called Kaw-na-taw-te-ruh; then the Seuh-now-kah-tah, atop the Onondaga mountain; the Sho-nea-na-we-to-wah near lake Go-yo-goh; the Te-hoo-nea-nyo-hent at the foot of a mountain near Canandaigua; and the Kau-tan-oh-akau at Cau-ta-noh, near the mouth of the Neuse River.
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