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Nyquist rate
Nyquist-Rate {f}
Nyquist criterion
Nyquistkriterium {n}
Nyquist plotNyquist-Plot {m}
Nyquist frequency
Nyquist-Frequenz {f}
Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem
Nyquist-Shannonsches Abtasttheorem {n} [alt]
Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem
Nyquist-Shannon'sches Abtasttheorem {n}
foreign individual traveler rate <FIT rate>
FIT-Rate {f}
to be first-rate / second-rateerste / zweite Garnitur sein
Federal Funds Rate <Fed Rate>
Leitzins {m} der US-Notenbank
Federal Funds Rate <Fed Rate>
Federal Funds Rate {f} [Leitzins der US-Notenbank]
five-year survival rate <5-year survival rate>
Fünfjahresüberlebensrate {f} <5-Jahres-Überlebensrate>
to rateeinschätzen
Kurs {m} [Aktien-]
to rateklassifizieren
to ratefestlegen
rateFrequenz {f}
Satz {m}
to rateeinstufen
to rate
rateGrad {m}
rateAnteil {m}
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  • Nyquist-Rate {f} = Nyquist rate
  • Nyquist-Frequenz {f} = Nyquist frequency
  • Nyquist-Plot {m} = Nyquist plot
  • Nyquist-Shannonsches Abtasttheorem {n} [alt] = Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem
  • Nyquist-Shannon'sches Abtasttheorem {n} = Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem
  • Rate {f} = installment [Am.]
  • Rate {f} = instalment [esp. Br.]
  • Rate! = Guess!
  • FIT-Rate {f} = foreign individual traveler rate <FIT rate>
  • rückständige Rate {f} = back installment [Am.]
  • Rate mal! = Guess what!
  • IPC-Rate {f} = IPC rate [instructions per cycle rate]
  • Baud-Rate {f} = baud rate
  • Attack-Rate {f} = attack rate
  • jährliche Rate {f} = yearly instalment
  • jährliche Rate {f} = annual instalment
  • feste Rate {f} = fixed rate
  • erste Rate {f} = first instalment
  • letzte Rate {f} = final instalment
  • abgemachte Rate {f} = agreed rate
  • jährliche Rate {f} = annual installment [Am.]
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  • has applied the LASSO model- for selection of sparse models- towards analog to digital converters (the current ones use a sampling rate higher than the Nyquist rate along with the quantized Shannon representation).
  • Common signal processing and image processing knowledge suggests that to achieve perfect elimination of aliasing, proper spatial sampling at the Nyquist rate (or higher) after applying a 2D Anti-aliasing filter is required.
  • Examples of aliasing can be heard in early music samplers since they could record audio at bit rates and sampling frequencies below the Nyquist rate, considered desirable by some musicians.
  • In practice, many factors result in considerable blurring of a reproduced image, such that patterns with spatial frequency just below the Nyquist rate may not even be visible, and the finest patterns that can appear 'washed out' as shades of grey, not black and white.
  • In signal processing, oversampling is the process of sampling a signal at a sampling frequency significantly higher than the Nyquist rate.

  • 05 kHz Nyquist rate. By sampling at a rate 2.05 kHz higher than the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem calls for, both aliasing and attenuation of higher audio frequencies can be prevented even with less than ideal filters.
  • The term "Nyquist rate" is also used in a different context with units of symbols per second, which is actually the field in which Harry Nyquist was working.
  • To achieve high signal-to-noise ratio, delta modulation must use oversampling techniques, that is, the analog signal is sampled at a rate several times higher than the Nyquist rate.
  • According to the OED, this may be the origin of the term "Nyquist rate". In Black's usage, it is not a sampling rate, but a signaling rate.
  • This minimum sampling rate is called the Nyquist rate.

  • The sampling frequency should be not less than the Nyquist rate to avoid aliasing.
  • When not using equivalent-time sampling, the sampling frequency should be higher than the Nyquist rate which is double the frequency of the highest-frequency component of the observed signal, otherwise aliasing occurs.
  • In signal processing, undersampling or bandpass sampling is a technique where one samples a bandpass-filtered signal at a sample rate below its Nyquist rate (twice the upper cutoff frequency), but is still able to reconstruct the signal.
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