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Nyx {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Nyx' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nyx {f}myth.relig.
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  • Mammon also apparently orchestrates the events that lead to Spawn and Nyx in issue 169, returning Nyx's powers in that very same issue.
  • Nyx is the goddess of the Night. Nyx is the daughter of Chaos.
  • Three prototypes called 'Nyx', meaning "night" in Classical Greek, were built as technology demonstrators and debugger boards for the new chips.
  • According to Hesiod, Geras is one of the many sons and daughters that Nyx produced parthenogenetically. However, both Hyginus and Cicero add Erebus, Nyx's consort, as his father.
  • More often, Nyx was worshipped in the background of other cults.

  • Various subscribers have since continued the Future Culture list at a different address and the list moved from nyx.cs.du.edu, ending up on the UAFSYSB mainframe (fondly remembered as "list dad") at the University of Arkansas under the care of Clark Wilson Moore ("June 27, 1953 - November 3, 2018") who sent and signed his emails "Alias Datura" ("list mom").
  • "Leptolalax nyx" is a species of frog in the family Megophryidae.
  • On June 23, 2021, Dignitas Verizon 5G gaming center announced NYX professional Makeup Partnership, NYX branding appeared on the competitive jerseys of its Dignitas women's VALORANT and CS: GO teams, as well as on the jerseys of select Dignitas content creators.
  • To Nyx's anger, Jonah says he will not put the shackle on if she will let Jonah go.
  • Zera attempts to take over Nyx's body and fights Spawn.

  • She wants to show him to Queen Clarion and reveal the truth about him, but after Nyx beats her to the Queen, Fawn decides not to tell her about the beast.
  • Wednesday night begins with Druids, and is followed by the Mystic Krewe of Nyx, the newest all-female Krewe.
  • A 2021 Urban Fantasy series of novels, "The Legend of Nyx" by Theophilus Monroe, highlights a "nyx" who attempted to seduce a vampire by song and lost her abilities, freezing her in a human form and seeking vengeance on the vampire who bit her.
  • Back to the present, Nyx and Anastasia materialize in front of him and make a last attempt to make him move on but he refuses. In the end he rejects Nyx for refusing to return Anastasia to him.
  • Nyx is an Adobe Original stencil font created by Cusick and released by Adobe Systems in 1997. It is named after Cusick's muse, Nyx, the Greek goddess of night.

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