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O-sealRunddichtung {f}
O-ring sealO-Dichtring {m}
O-ring sealRundgummidichtung {f}
O-ring (seal / gasket)
Rundschnurring {m}
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  • James O’Connor was CEO with former Navy SEAL Rob Kaneiss as chief security officer.
  • The term is from Ancient Greek φώκη "phōkē", "seal (animal)" + "-o-" interfix + μέλος "melos", "limb" + English suffix "-ia").
  • They are less susceptible to blowing the O-ring seal if banged against something while in use.
  • During a televised hearing, Feynman famously demonstrated how the O-rings became less resilient and subject to seal failures at ice-cold temperatures by immersing a sample of the material in a glass of ice water.
  • An end-face mechanical seal uses both rigid and flexible elements that maintain contact at a sealing interface and slide on each other, allowing a rotating element to pass through a sealed case.

  • The church was raised to the status of a collegiate church by letters under the seal of Donatus Ó Muireadhaigh, the Archbishop of Tuam, on 28 September 1484, the same year in which Galway was granted a Royal Charter and given mayoral status.
  • The Archaeological Institute of America reports and reeds or grass stuffed between the planks helped to seal the seams.
  • Massa, creator of the Belmont county seal, under the Administration of former City Mayor Fitch.
  • The seal received attention in 2015 as part of national discussion about display of the Confederate flag.
  • His headstone features the Ramones seal with the line "I feel so safe flying on a ray on the highest trails above" taken from his song "Highest Trails Above", from the Ramones' "Subterranean Jungle" album.

  • The Presentation Cup is authenticated by the seal of the Hockey Hall of Fame on the bottom, which can be seen when winning players lift the Cup over their heads, and it is the one currently awarded to the champions of the playoffs and used for promotions.
  • One-part silicone sealants and caulks are in common use to seal gaps, joints and crevices in buildings.
  • Whether it is legal for Mississippi to issue standard license plates that display the national motto as it appears on the state seal (see above) and force drivers objecting to the invocation of God to pay for removing the reference is now being decided in a case in federal court, "Griggs v.
  • Winkler was distributing both the "Felix the Cat" and "Out of the Inkwell" cartoons at the time, but the Fleischer brothers were about to leave to set up their own distribution company, "Red Seal Films", and Felix producer Pat Sullivan was constantly fighting with Winkler; therefore Winkler agreed to distribute Disney's "Alice Comedies" as sort of an insurance policy.
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