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O2 consumption [short for: oxygen consumption]
O2-Aufnahme {f} [kurz für: Sauerstoffaufnahme]
O2 sensor
Lambdasonde {f}
oxygen debt <O2 debt>
Sauerstoffschuld {f} <O2-Schuld>
mixed venous oxygenation <S⊽O2>
gemischtvenöse Sauerstoffsättigung {f} <S⊽O2, SgvO2>
nasal O2 tube
O2-Nasensonde {f} [Nasensonde zur Sauerstoffversorgung]
mixed venous oxygen saturation <S⊽O2>
gemischtvenöse Sauerstoffsättigung {f} <S⊽O2, SgvO2>
partial pressure of O2 <PO2>
Sauerstoffpartialdruck {m} <pO2 / PO2> [auch: Sauerstoff-Partialdruck]
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  • Sauerstoffschuld {f} <O2-Schuld> = oxygen debt <O2 debt>
  • gemischtvenöse Sauerstoffsättigung {f} <S⊽O2, SgvO2> = mixed venous oxygenation <S⊽O2>
  • gemischtvenöse Sauerstoffsättigung {f} <S⊽O2, SgvO2> = mixed venous oxygen saturation <S⊽O2>
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  • The main competitor is Sky Mobile TV, available on Vodafone UK, o2 UK and T-mobile UK. Also MobiTV was a former competitor offered on Virgin Mobile, but has now ceased operations in Europe.
  • Press articles from the time believed that a deal was close to being struck between the organisers, The o2, headline sponsors Shell and Sky Sports.
  • If an object "o1" has a reference onto a passive object "o2", then "o1" and "o2" are part of the same subsystem.
  • In February 2014 the Polish o2 Group („Grupa o2”) together with private equity fund Innova Capital have completed acquisition of Wirtualna Polska.
  • A "cold" engine makes the computer change the fuel air ratio so the output voltage of the o2 sensor switches between about 100 and 850/900 mV and after a while the sensor may output a switch voltage between about 200 and 700/750 mV, for turbocharged cars even less.

  • The telluride ion is the anion Te2− and its derivatives. It is analogous to the other chalcogenide anions, the lighter O2−, S2−, and Se2−, and the heavier Po2−.
  • The O2's graphics is known to have slower rasterization speed than the Indigo2's Maximum IMPACT graphics boards, though the Maximum IMPACT graphics is limited to 4 MB of texture memory, which can result in thrashing, whereas the O2 is limited only by available memory.
  • Arisaka's Law states that "-o2" was generally not found in the same morpheme as "-a", "-o1" or "-u".
  • In November, New Order performed at the MITS Award in London and also playing a headline show at the o2 Arena in London.
  • A fight between Warrington and Carl Frampton had been scheduled for 22 December the same day as when Dillian Whyte fought Derek Chisora but that match was in the o2 The Warrington vs.

  • In September 2017 Sam fought on the Phoenix Championship 3 event at the o2 arena, London. In a fight under full Muay Thai rules, he beat Steven 'the Panda' Banks via TKO in the 3rd round.
  • Maxwell kicked off a European tour on oct 28, in Birmingham, UK with a final run ending on November 13, at London' s o2 Academy Brixton.
  • On September 21, 2018 Voyager performed at the o2 Indigo, London, UK as part of the European Space Agency's Space Rocks exhibition/concert, giving them the chance to play "Colours" and "Brightstar" from the forthcoming album.
  • On 28 May, it was announced that Westlife would play an intimate and exclusive gig called "A night with Westlife" at The O2 in Dublin, the gig will be filmed and streamed live via The O2's blueroom website o2blueroom.i.e.
  • The School started events management courses in 2019 and has partnered with the o2 Arena for live projects, and the BRIT Awards for student work experience.

  • In October 2016 it was announced that British pop supergroup Bros would be re-forming for a one-off show at London's o2 Arena.
  • Liskov substitution principle explains a property, "If for each object o1 of type S there is an object o2 of type T such that for all programs P defined in terms of T, the behavior of P is unchanged when o1 is substituted for o2 then S is a subtype of T,".
  • The phone can also be used as a modem via Bluetooth or USB. According to the o2 website, the K770 has a talk time battery life of 16 hours and a standby time battery life of 384 hours.
  • Tlen is also integrated with the o2.pl mail system, which allows users to use mail in three domains: o2.pl; go2.pl and Tlen.pl.
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