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ozone <O3>
Ozon {m} [auch, bes. fachspr.: {n}] <O3>
ozone concentration <O3 concentration>
Ozonkonzentration {f} <O3-Konzentration>
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  • Ozon {m} [auch, bes. fachspr.: {n}] <O3> = ozone <O3>
  • Ozonkonzentration {f} <O3-Konzentration> = ozone concentration <O3 concentration>
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  • There are several dozen early O class stars (O3 and O4) in the cluster, mostly main sequence stars.
  • The systematic name of this enzyme class is O3-acetyl-L-serine:uracil 1-(2-amino-2-carboxyethyl)transferase.
  • Ground-level ozone (O3), when in high concentrations, is regarded as an air pollutant and is often found in smog in industrial areas.
  • On March 15, 2002, the company signed a deal with O3 Games to publish "Templar".
  • uk to a consortium consisting of O3 Industries (“O3”), a New York-based family investment fund, and Novum Capital, a private equity firm based out of Frankfurt.

  • 54 pm bond with O3, which is shorter than C8-O3 bond (142.31 pm).
  • There are three distinct oxygen sites (marked O1, O2 and O3 in figure 1), two distinct metal sites (M1 and M2) and only one distinct silicon site.
  • It can be created by reacting rubidium superoxide (RbO2) with ozone (O3) in a liquid ammonia solution.
  • Compared to full mixing scheme, the non-local scheme significantly improves simulations of the vertical distributions for NO2 and O3, as evaluated in a study done in summer using aircraft measurements.
  • Electrolytic ozone generation (EOG) splits water molecules into H2, O2, and O3.

  • After two seasons with Severstal, Nättinen left the KHL as a free agent and returned for a second stint in the SHL, signing a two-year contract with HV71 o3 Junene 2022.
  • In 2005, the band took part in the Ö3 Soundcheck band contest arranged by the Austrian radio station Hitradio Ö3. They reached third place. In the course of the promotion of the contest, the band played as a warm-up act at a concert of Bon Jovi and Nickelback in Innsbruck in May 2006.
  • From 19–24 December Austria's biggest radio station Hitradio Ö3 broadcast from a glass studio (the "Wunschhütte" or wishing hut) in the Kapitelplatz in Salzburg. For 120 hours Andi Knoll, Robert Kratky and Gabi Hiller hosted "Ö3-Weihnachtswunder - wo jeder Wunschhit hilft" (Ö3 Christmas miracle - where every wished hit helps) living on liquids and occasionally soup. Money was raised for the "Licht ins Dunkel" (Light in the Dark) association, for families in need. The project forms an addition to Ö3's benefit campaign "Ö3-Wundertüte", held annually since 2004, and the Licht ins Dunkel 14-hour telethons held from Christmas Eve since 1978 on the station's parent, national public broadcaster ORF.
  • Hitradio Ö3 is one of the nationwide radio stations of Austria's public broadcaster ORF. The format focuses on contemporary hit radio, specialising pop music and chart hits from the 1980s to the present. Ö3 has the biggest audience share by far (averaging 31%) of all Austrian radio stations.
  • "Opus" is the sixth studio album by Austrian pop rock band Opus. It was released in 1987. It peaked at #7 on the Ö3 Austria Top 40 Longplay. The first single "Whiteland", peaked at #3 on the Ö3 Austria Top 40 Singles and #2 on the Ö3-Hitparade. The second single, "Faster and Faster", peaked at #12 on the Ö3 Austria Top 40 Singles and #2 on the Ö3-Hitparade. The third single, "Will You Ever Know Me", peaked at #24 on the Ö3-Hitparade.

  • The official singles chart in Austria is Ö3 Austria Top 40, aired on Fridays on Hitradio Ö3. The weekly number-ones are released by Musikmarkt and go TV.
  • The song debuted on the Ö3 Austria Top 75 of Austria at number 19 and at number 16 on the Swiss Schweizer Hitparade charts. After four weeks on the Ö3 Austria Top 75 the song moved from number 19 to number five, which became its peak. In Switzerland the song reached its peak (number 9) after four weeks.
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