Übersetzung für 'OSF' von Englisch nach Deutsch
oversampling factor <OSF>
Überabtastungs­faktor {m}
oversampling factor <OSF>
Oversampling-Faktor {m} <OSF>
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Übersetzung für 'OSF' von Englisch nach Deutsch

oversampling factor <OSF>
Überabtastungs­faktor {m}electr.

Oversampling-Faktor {m} <OSF>electr.
  • Oversampling-Faktor {m} <OSF> = oversampling factor <OSF>
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  • DEC's first release of OSF/1 (OSF/1 Release 1.0) in January 1992 was for its line of MIPS-based DECstation workstations, however this was never a fully supported product.
  • In the Senate the Party for the North has allied with the Independent Senate Group (OSF). The OSF has won one seat in the Senate, by Henk ten Hoeve at Stiens.
  • An independent security software company - Addamax, filed suit in 1990 against OSF and its sponsors charging that OSF was engaged in anticompetitive practices.
  • Addamax filed a high-profile antitrust lawsuit in 1991 against the Open Software Foundation (OSF), alleging that OSF created a cartel that controlled the UNIX operating system and exerted monopsony price fixing and led to the company going out of business.
  • Belvedere Station is decorated with stained glass pieces entitled "Travail in Tandem" by Father Douglas osf.

  • In May 1993, the major members of both UI and OSF announced the Common Open Software Environment (COSE) initiative.
  • P-hacking can be prevented by preregistering researches, in which researchers have to send their data analysis plan to the journal they wish to publish their paper in before they even start their data collection, so no data manipulation is possible (https://osf.io).
  • In 2003, Henk ten Hoeve became senator for the OSF.
  • At that time OSF’s KARL had about 3000 users with approximately half of the users being OSF employees and the other half representing organizations outside of OSF.
  • OSF released several development 'snapshots' of ANDF, but it was never released commercially by OSF or any of its members.

  • On April 12, 2007, Community Medical Center consolidated its assets with OSF Healthcare System and is known today as OSF Holy Family Medical Center and OSF Holy Family Clinics in Monmouth, Illinois.
  • odc ("Oberon document) "for document files, such as source files, and .osf "(Oberon symbol file") for symbol files while Gardens Point Component Pascal uses .cp for source and .cps for symbol files.
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