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open systems interconnection <OSI>
Kommunikation {f} offener Systeme
OSI reference model
OSI-Referenzmodell {n}
Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
OSI-Referenzmodell {n}
Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
OSI-Schichtenmodell {n}
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  • OSI-Referenzmodell {n} = OSI reference model
  • OSI-Referenzmodell {n} = Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
  • OSI-Schichtenmodell {n} = Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model <OSI model>
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  • On March 10, 2003, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) released a position paper on the "SCO v.
  • ] osi, when they perform this dance.
  • After years away from the OSI, Jaime accepts a mission.
  • Tuck's rookie season in the NFL found him behind Pro Bowl defensive ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora on the New York Giants depth chart, reducing his role to special teams and the first backup at each defensive end position.
  • The primary, held in Ifaki-Ekiti in Ido-Osi LGA, was called into question by reporters due to the gag order but carried on and resulted in Adetunmbi losing to Cyril Fasuyi—a businessman who was the Director-General of the Biodun Oyebanji gubernatorial campaign organization at the time of the primary.

  • Like the older use of "-osi", "-osunou" expresses an optative meaning, often regarding a wish or hope that the speaker thinks might not come true.
  • Many Walmart technology projects are coded in the open and available through the Walmart Labs GitHub repository as open-source software under the OSI approved Apache V2.0 license.
  • Perens left OSI in 1999, a year after co-founding it.
  • Marta, Michał B, Michalina, Misza and Osi all perform well on set.
  • Reference : Ordnance Survey Ireland website Blog : https://osi.ie/blog/where-is-the-centre-of-ireland/.

  • On-site inspection (OSI), involving a comprehensive search of a designated inspection area of up to 1000 km2, can only be requested by States Parties to the CTBT following entry into force of the Treaty, and are launched in order to ascertain whether or not a nuclear explosion has been conducted in violation of the Treaty.
  • The Random Hacks of Kindness specifies that all contributions and code produced during RHoK hackathons must be released under an OSI approved open source license and be released in a public code repository.
  • The announcement raised concern among environmental group O Le Si'osi'omaga Society.
  • The current managing editor is former editor of the "Taimi 'o Tonga", Faka'osi Maama.
  • Solaris' compliance with SVR4, which Sun Microsystems and AT&T Unix System Laboratories jointly developed by merging UNIX System V, BSD and Xenix, required that third parties be able to plug in name service implementations for the transport layer of their choosing (OSI or IP) without rewriting SVR4-compliant Transport-Independent RPC (TI-RPC) applications or rebuilding the operating system.

  • As with other ATP competitive small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors, such as imatinib in CML, patients rapidly develop resistance.
  • Steve and Jaime infiltrate the factory and rig Fortress' stolen explosives to a timer.
  • ... could be transliterated as Bor'osi; Borosi; or Barassi; 1960–11 August 1989), was a Libyan footballer who played as a forward.
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