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Oikos {m}
oikos economy
Oikoswirtschaft {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Oikos' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oikos {m}hist.

oikos economy
Oikoswirtschaft {f}hist.
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  • The generic name "Petroica" is derived from the Ancient Greek words "petros" 'stone' and "oikos" 'home'. The specific name "pusilla" derives from the Latin "pusillus" meaning 'very small'.
  • The roots of the word are the Greek "oikos" (home) and the Latin "cadere" (to kill).
  • The generic name combines the Ancient Greek "petro-" "rock" with "oikos" "home".
  • In 1990, oikos Foundation was created. The oikos Foundation closed in 2020 and its activities have been integrated into oikos International.
  • The "trophimoi" were temporarily adopted by a Spartan "oikos".

  • The hymn itself is divided into thirteen parts, each of which is composed of a "kontakion" and an "oikos" (Greek: οίκος, house, possibly derived from Syriac terminology).
  • "Phere-oikos" (φερέοικος) "house-carrier", "carries-his-house", a term used for a snail by Hesiod's "Works and Days", is another Greek variant of the type, with a thematic "-e-" instead of the "-si-".
  • The truncated form consisted only of the first stanza called "koukoulion" (now referred to as "the kontakion") and the first oikos, while the other oikoi became omitted.
  • In the first book, Aristotle discusses the city (πόλις : "polis") or "political community" (κοινωνία πολιτική : "koinōnía politikē") as opposed to other types of communities and partnerships such as the household (οἶκος : oikos) and village.
  • "Oecus" is the Latinized form of Greek "oikos", used by Vitruvius for the principal hall or salon in a Roman house, which was used occasionally as a triclinium for banquets.

  • It involved all activities of manufacturing transformation of raw materials, agricultural or not, both in the framework of the "oikos" and in workshops of important size that gathered several tens of workers.
  • Some of the "parthenoi" myths concern women who reject the traditional role of women and remain unmarried by choice ("anumpheutos"), hunting with Artemis, instead of participating in the "oikos".
  • In the eastern valley are imposing remains of public buildings: a temple without peristasis ("oikos") with an internal altar from the first decades of the 5th century BC, and a granary built at the end of the 4th century and destroyed by a fire in the middle of the 3rd century BC.
  • Finally, in 2004 it became Ecumen, from the Greek word "oikos", meaning "home".
  • ... Ancient Greek: Μενοικεύς "Menoikeús" "strength of the house" derived from "menos" "strength" and "oikos" "house") was the name of two Theban characters.

  • Among these 14 models for the "prooimion" and the 13 for the "oikos", eight were chosen to create an oktoechos prosomoia cycle of the so-called "resurrection kontakia", each one did consist of one "prooimion" and one "oikos".
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