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Oileus [also: Oïleus]
Oileus {m} [auch: Oïleus]
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Übersetzung für 'Oileus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oileus [also: Oïleus]
Oileus {m} [auch: Oïleus]myth.
  • Oileus {m} [auch: Oïleus] = Oileus [also: Oïleus]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • This minor planet was named by the discoverer after Medon (Phylace's Medon), the illegitimate son of Oileus and half-brother of Ajax the Lesser.
  • He died while painting "Ajax the lesser tries to save himself from the storm, and spiteful of the gods, dies in his arms of his father Oileus".
  • The goddess is referred to as "Athena Ilias", a name not necessarily derived from Ilion, but maybe from the family deity Oileus, the father of Ajax and the ancestral hero of the Locrians.
  • Many "Sida" are attractive to butterflies and moths. Arrowleaf sida ("Sida rhombifolia"), for example, is a larval host for the tropical checkered skipper ("Pyrgus oileus").
  • Franz Werner described in 1934 with "Dares fulmeki" a species which was already synonymous in 1935 by Klaus Günther with "Datames oileus" (today valid name "Pylaemenes oileus").

  • James Abram Garfield Rehn established in 1904 with " Datames oileus " described by John Obadiah Westwood in 1859, the earliest described species in the genus at that time as type species.
  • In the same publication in which he described the genus "Pylaemenes", Stål established 1875 the genus "Datames" for "Acanthoderus mouhotii" (today "Orestes mouhotii") and "Acanthoderus oileus", which he named after the Old Persian military leader Datames.
  • "Caligo oileus", the Oileus giant owl, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae.
  • Hodoedocus was the father of Oileus by Agrianome, daughter of Perseon, and of Calliarus by Laonome.
  • Eribotes appears to have had skills of a physician: in the "Argonautica", he attends on Oileus when the latter is wounded by a feather of a Stymphalian bird.

  • In Greek mythology, Oileus or Oïleus ([...]; [...] "Oī̈leús") was the king of Locris, and an Argonaut.
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