Übersetzung für 'Online-Gaming' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   online gaming | -
online gaming
Online-Gaming {n}
online gaming {sg}
Online-Spiele {pl}
online gaming {sg}
Internet-Spiele {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Online-Gaming' von Englisch nach Deutsch

online gaming
Online-Gaming {n}Internet
online gaming {sg}
Online-Spiele {pl}Internet

Internet-Spiele {pl}Internet
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  • EA began to move toward direct distribution of digital games and services with the acquisition of the popular online gaming site Pogo.com in 2001.
  • Today it is also loosely applied by IRC, BBS, demosceners, and online gaming users to anyone perceived to be contemptible.
  • It is also rumoured that various online gaming companies operate their own networks outside of these providers, although they do not resell that service.
  • The "64" references both the Nintendo 64 console and the 64MB storage capacity of the disks, and "DD" is short for "disk drive" or "dynamic drive". online gaming, and media sharing.
  • During the event Williams also spoke out about the port security bill signed in 2006 that banned online gaming sites from accepting money transactions from the U.S.

  • The now defunct America Online Online Gaming Forum used to use volunteers selected by applications from its user base.
  • Almost one decade ahead of Nintendo's Satellaview service, the FDS's writable and portable storage technology served as an enabling technology for the innovation of online leaderboards and contests via the in-store Disk Fax kiosks, which are now seen as the earliest forerunners of modern online gaming and distribution.
  • Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbie, while the related term noob (often stylized as "n00b") is often used in online gaming.
  • Unlike the original "Diablo", "Diablo II" was made specifically with online gaming in mind.
  • The company achieved many industry firsts, including the development of the first 3D adventure game ("King's Quest", 1984) and one of the first online gaming networks ("The Sierra Network", 1989).

  • Shadowclan is a guild that gained notoriety within the online gaming community in 1997 by taking the place of non-player character orcs in "Ultima Online".
  • Longer latency can make video conferencing and online gaming difficult, if not impossible.
  • Within the European Union, the "Cyberpunk" trademark is owned by two parties: CD Projekt SA for "games and online gaming services" (particularly for the video game adaptation of the former) and by Sony Music for use outside games.
  • The platform provides online gaming, digital distribution, digital rights management, and social networking service.
  • Remote or home-working greatly reduces the volume of information one individual gives another compared to face-to-face encounters, providing fewer opportunities for unequal treatment but it seems real-world notions of power and privilege are being duplicated: people who choose to take up different identities (avatars) in the online world are (still) routinely discriminated against, evident in online gaming where users are able to create their own characters.

  • The 3DO Company restructured themselves around this same time, selling off their hardware division to become a multi-platform company focused on software development and online gaming.
  • In 2009 Jolt Online Gaming released "Legends of Zork", a freemium browser-based online adventure game.
  • The term "leet" is derived from the word "elite", used as an adjective to describe skill or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming and computer hacking.
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