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one on one {adv} <OoO>
eins gegen eins
out of order {adj} <OOO>
gestört [derzeit nicht in Betrieb]
out of (the) office <OOO>außer Haus <a. H.>
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  • Other calls include a weaver-like chatter and sneeze-like "chi-ooo" sounds.
  • The calls are mainly higher-pitched shrill whistles "ti-ti-ti" or "wik-wik-wik" and lower-pitched moans "ooo-er" and "or-wik" sounds.
  • The southern boubou has a duetted call, with a "ooo-whee-ooo", followed by a whistled "ooo-ooo-wheee" or "wheee-wheee" followed by "ooo-whee-ooo".
  • The calls include a loud "beat-it, beat-it" and a plaintive "ooo weery weery weery weery woo".
  • Others described the call as a low "c-r-r-ooo", "cr-ooo", or "cr-o-o-o".

  • The origin of the word is unknown though Huntingford (1927) speculates that the word orkoiyot derives from two words "ooo" (big ) and "koot"(house) hence the big house.
  • The ooo-build patch set was started at Ximian in 2002, because Sun was slow to accept outside work on OpenOffice.org, even from corporate partners, and to make the build process easier on Linux.
  • The call of great black hawk is a distinctive piping "ooo-wheeeeee".
  • 500 and LDAP directory called QUIPU ("incorrectly" pronounced kwip-ooo by the project).
  • It was originally located by its unfamiliar "poo-ooo" call in the Kitulgala rainforest by prominent Sri Lankan ornithologist Deepal Warakagoda.

  • On July 4 it was announced that 3,ooo members of the popular committees are to be intergraded in the Hadi loyal Army in Abyan.
  • The song is a loud whistled duetted "toooo-ooo-eee-oooo, oooo-ooo-eee-oooo".
  • The call is a screech like a jay, but the song is a beautiful fluting "fee-ooo fee-ooo", unmistakable once heard.
  • .ooo ("triple-O") is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It was launched and is operated by Infibeam.
  • In 2015 Lojer established a new subsidiary ooo Lojer Medical in Moscow, Russia.

  • The central crown is black and surrounded by a blue band. There is a black eyemask. The call is a low owl-like "ooo-doot".
  • Teal placed relatively greater emphasis on lip tension in forming the "drawstring" or "ooo" embouchure with a good seal at the corners of the mouth for maintaining tonal control.
  • Go-oo (also Go-Open Office; previously called ooo-build) is a discontinued free office suite which started as a set of patches for OpenOffice.org, then later became an independent fork of OpenOffice.org with a number of enhancements, sponsored by Novell.
  • The species is usually silent, but has been recorded giving a loud, melancholy "oooo...
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