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SYNO Jan Hendrix Oort | Oort
Oort cloud
Oort'sche Wolke {f}
Oort cloud
Oortsche Wolke {f} [auch: Oort'sche Wolke]
Öpik-Oort cloud
Öpik-Oort-Wolke {f}
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  • Oort'sche Wolke {f} = Oort cloud
  • Öpik-Oort-Wolke {f} = Öpik-Oort cloud
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  • This minor planet was named for Mieke Oort-Graadt van Roggen (1906–1993), wife of Dutch astronomy legend Jan Oort, who was director of the Leiden Observatory from 1945–1970.
  • Astronomers think that comets originate in both the Oort cloud and the scattered disk.
  • The specific name, "oorti", is in honor of Dutch ornithologist Eduard Daniël van Oort.
  • Van Oort has published 25 monographs, mainly on the topics of Augustine and the gnostic world church of Mani.
  • Simulations indicate that it has most likely come from the Oort cloud, with a roughly equal probability of being an extinct comet and a rocky body that was originally scattered into the Oort cloud.

  • The Oort cloud, the Oort constants, and the asteroid 1691 Oort were all named after him.
  • Oort is the son of the Dutch astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort.
  • Oort cloud is sometimes called "Öpik-Oort cloud". The Comet Interceptor's Optical Periscopic Imager for Comets, or OPIC, instrument is named after Ernst Öpik to celebrate the first Estonia's contribution to a science mission of the European Space Agency.
  • Current models of Oort cloud formation predict that more comets are ejected into interstellar space than are retained in the Oort cloud, with estimates varying from 3 to 100 times as many.
  • Oort cloud comets are constantly disturbed by their surroundings and distant objects.

  • Jan van Oort was born on 13 April 1921 in Amsterdam.
  • Lambert was born in Amersfoort. According to Houbraken he was an important painter and architect who became the father of the painter Adam van Noort.
  • "Praealticus oortii" is a species of combtooth blenny found in the eastern Indian Ocean from the Andaman Sea to Timor in the western Pacific.
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