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NOUN   orenda | -
Orenda {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Orenda' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Orenda {n}relig.
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  • The Avro Canada TR5 Orenda was the first production jet engine from Avro Canada's Gas Turbine Division.
  • "Invisible Ones" is the debut solo album by Orenda Fink of Azure Ray. It was released August 23, 2005, by Saddle Creek Records.
  • The Haudenosaunee equivalent of Manitou is "orenda".
  • In the 19th century, scholars compared "mana" to similar concepts such as the "orenda" of the Iroquois Indians and theorized that "mana" was a universal phenomenon that explained the origin of religions.
  • Two of the most visited springs today are Geyser Island Spouter and Orenda Spring, along Geyser Creek.

  • In March 2005, he married Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray), subsequently taking her surname as his married name.
  • Väki has also been compared to orenda.
  • Nobel is of historical interest to Canadians because it was home of the Orenda Engines testing facility, where the Orenda Iroquois turbojet engine was being developed.
  • C over the years has been the organizing of Dinners and Reunions to commemorate Avro and Orenda's achievements including such things as the founding of Orenda, the first flight of the Avro Jetliner, Avro CF-100 and the Avro Arrow.
  • Orenda Aerospace Division, Magellan Aerospace Corporation continues to operate at 3160 Derry Road east.

  • Roe's gas turbine division where Orenda Engines were developed.
  • Hewitt notes intrinsic similarities between the Iroquoian concept of Orenda and that of the Siouxan wakan or mahopa; the Algonquin manitowi, and the pokunt of the Shoshone.
  • 3 was the first of the Canadian Sabres to use the Avro Canada Orenda turbojet (Orenda 3 with [...] thrust).
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