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Othello error
Othello-Fehler {m}
Othello psychosis
psychotische Eifersucht {f} [Eifersuchtswahn, Othello-Syndrom]
Othello syndrome
Othello-Syndrom {n}
Othello syndrome
Eifersuchtswahn {m} [Othello-Syndrom]
Othello [William Shakespeare]
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  • Othello-Fehler {m} = Othello error
  • Othello-Syndrom {n} = Othello syndrome
  • Othello = Othello [William Shakespeare]
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  • The film is about the marital discord caused by a husband's othello syndrome.
  • Until 2021, the newspaper operated a weekly named the "Othello Outlook" to cover Othello.
  • Othello attended a Forrester meeting and it was said that Othello was the music director for Forrester. Othello was surprised to learn that Quinn Fuller was gone from the company.
  • Marc Tastet was the 1992 World Othello Champion, Stephane Nicolet is a two-time World Othello Championship finalist, and Jan Stastna is a strong Othello player.
  • The othello and backgammon sections were also removed in favour of a Sudoku test and a Word puzzles test.

  • Appearing in "Gilgamesh" and Donald Howarth's "Othello Slegs Blankes" (Othello Whites Only), i.e.
  • The World Othello Championship (WOC), which started in 1977, was first organized by the Japan Othello Association.
  • Brightwell started playing Othello in 1985, after finding himself sharing an apartment with fellow mathematician and Othello player Imre Leader.
  • In 2009 he played Iago in Being Othello, a film adaption of Shakespeare's Othello, written and directed by the BAFTA nominated and award winning director Suri Krishnamma.
  • "Acronicta othello" is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in North America, including California.

  • Among the computer game implementations that use bitboards are chess, checkers, othello and word games.
  • The genus "Peneothello" was introduced by the Australian born ornithologist Gregory Mathews in 1920 with white-winged robin ("Peneothello sigillata") as the type species.
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