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*K2, P2* repeat 5 times more. [knitting]
2 M re, 2 M li insgesamt 6 x stricken.
*K2, P2* repeat 5 times. [knitting]
2 M re, 2 M li insgesamt 5 x stricken.
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  • If a player deviates to defecting (D), then the next round they get punished. Alternate between outcomes where p1 cooperates and p2 deviates, and vice versa.
  • Only the price ratio p = p1/p2 matters so the auctioneer only has to call out one price.
  • The ratio between two acoustic pressures in deciBels is expressed by the equation dB = 20log(p1/p2), so for every doubling of distance from the point source p1 = 1 and p2 = 2, thus there is a sound pressure decrease of approximately 6 dB.
  • If "p1" and "p2," are production rules, the language generated by "both" "p1" "and" "p2" is their set intersection.
  • Here "p1" and "p2" are parameters passed to the macro.

  • The primitive units contain six tiles respectively. It has p2 (2222) symmetry.
  • These are the gmaps which result from comparing a source containing a p1 and p6 and a target containing p2.
  • Phage proteins in the cytoplasm are p2, p10 and p5, and they are part of the replication process of DNA. The other phage proteins are synthesized and inserted into the cytoplasmic or outer membranes.
  • Desert sting formerly known as p2 is a smart micro munition guided by Global Positioning System and laser-guided missile, manufactured by Halcon Systems a subsidiary of EDGE Group.
  • Let the processors of this partition be named p1 and p2.

  • The chi-squared (χ2) test is used for determining whether two separate PDFs are significantly different (denoted "p1(Ri)" and "p2(Ri)", respectively).
  • The p5 also inhibits translation of p2, so that progeny viral ssDNA production and packaging are in synchrony.
  • Timing parameters like p2 and p1 timing has to be mentioned.
  • Pulse is built on top of the Eclipse Equinox (OSGi)/p2 platform, and integrates both proprietary and open source software for software delivery, release management and collaboration environment.
  • For instance, he referred to "p8=p2×2×2" as zzz (the zenzizenzizenzic), and "q12=q2×2×3" as zz& (the zenzizenzicubic).

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