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PA systemBeschallungs­anlage {f}
public address system <PA system>Beschallungs­system {n}
public address system <PA system>(öffentliche) Lautsprecheranlage {f}
public address system <PA system>
Beschallungs­anlage {f}
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  • Some bass amps and PA system amplifiers include limiters to prevent sudden volume peaks from causing distortion or damaging the speakers.
  • Rak Records arranged for her to use Thin Lizzy's newly acquired PA system during this, incurring a charge of £300 per week that enabled the Irish band to effectively purchase it at no cost to themselves.
  • The second problem with formal PAs is they can be ineffective if the PA system does not correspond with the organizational culture and system.
  • Jones would occasionally not finish sentences even when reading typed reports over the commune's PA system.
  • Most rock and pop bands use a mixing console to combine musical instruments and vocals so that the mix can be amplified through a nightclub's PA system.
  • This would include turntables, speakers, and a PA system.
  • being retransmitted from the team leader's mic through the PA system for the crowd to hear.
  • Chicago blues is based on the sound of the electric guitar and the harmonica, with the harmonica played through a PA system or guitar amplifier, both heavily amplified and often to the point of distortion, and a rhythm section of drums and bass (double bass at first, and later electric bass guitar) with piano depending on the song or performer.
  • Although it is uncertain whether the South Tower's deputy fire safety director receives this order, an announcement is made over the tower's PA system to "begin an orderly evacuation if conditions warranted".
  • In 2014, the Randall rig was eventually phased out for a Fractal Axe-FX II setup, which is run direct into the PA system and a Matrix GT1000FX power amp.
  • Carpenter's current rig consists of only a Fractal Audio Axe-FX II running straight into the venue's PA system.
  • That time was spent designing a complete portable studio setup, including stage backdrops, curtains, lighting, staging and a stereo PA system.
  • In either case, an electronic control unit (sound module/"brain") with suitable sampled/modeled or synthesized drum sounds, amplification equipment (a PA system, keyboard amp, etc.) and stage monitor speakers are required for the drummer (and other band members and audience) to hear the electronically produced sounds.
  • The song is played over the PA system and continues until it is muted while the crowd sings the words "Born and raised in South Detroit," then the song resumes over the speakers in the arena.
  • String instrument players can electronically amplify their instruments by connecting them to a PA system or a guitar amplifier.
  • With sound reinforcement system, PA system and instrument amplifier speaker enclosures, cables and some type of jack or connector are typically used.
  • The PA system is based on the PPD reaction and is now widely adopted on the labels of sunscreens.
  • A distinguishing feature of most stage pianos is a lack of internal loudspeakers and amplification - it is normally assumed that a powerful keyboard amplifier or PA system will be used.
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