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Panamanian balboa <PAB, B/.>
Panamaischer Balboa {m} <PAB, B/.>
poly(A)-binding protein <PAB, PABP>
Poly(A)-Bindungs­protein {n}
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  • Panamaischer Balboa {m} <PAB, B/.> = Panamanian balboa <PAB, B/.>
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  • PAB-dependent poly(A)-specific ribonuclease subunit 2 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the "PAN2" gene.
  • The PNB was formed in the aftermath of split between federalists and nationalists within the Breton Autonomist Party (PAB), following the Congress of Guingamp in August 1931.
  • Inscribed in cuneiform as dAG-PAB or dAG-ŠEŠ-"ir", Greek: Ναβονάσσαρος, whence "Nabonassar", and meaning "Nabû (is) protector".
  • WMBS found itself a PAB winner again in 2013, For the 2nd year in a row winning Most Outstanding Radio Series, History of the Civil War in Fayette County and a Judges Merit Award for The Grace to You Radio Program with Pastor Roland Maust that airs Sunday Morning on WMBS.
  • IMI's Analytical Testing and Calibration (ATC) laboratory was granted accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 on January 8, 2016, by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) of the Department of Trade and Industry.

  • "Breiz Atao" organised a congress (in French) in September 1927 in Rosporden at which the Breton Autonomist Party (Parti Autonomiste Breton, or PAB) was founded.
  • A large man is inscribed with a label, which can be read “Ušumgal, the pab-šeš priest of (the deity) Šara”.
  • On August 19, 2022, Bowman and others were reportedly shot at in Los Angeles. Bowman's friend, who went by the name Lul Pab, was killed in the shooting.
  • She founded the Pakistan Association of the Blind (PAB) in 1960. She worked as the president of PAB until 1984, when she retired from that position.
  • PAB is led by a central committee composed of 52 members, including both senior scholar monks and nationalist monks.

  • The FloWatch Pulmonary Artery Band (FloWatch-PAB) is an implantable device that clips around the pulmonary artery in infants (from 2.5kg to about 6.5kg) requiring pulmonary artery banding.
  • Pulmonary Artery Banding (PAB) was introduced by Muller and Dammann in 1951 as a surgical technique to reduce excessive pulmonary blood flow in infants suffering from congenital heart defects.
  • The Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) is a non-profit educational accreditation organization based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • In addition Hugo illustrated many limited edition books published from 1948 to 1984 by Pierre-André Benoit (PAB), collaborating with writers including René Char, Marcel Jouhandeau, Tristan Tzara and René Crevel.
  • Triamcinolone aminobenzal benzamidoisobutyrate (TBI-PAB; brand name Taucorten) is a synthetic glucocorticoid corticosteroid which is no longer marketed.

  • Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PABs) were created in 1993 to provide community members with an opportunity to provide information and advice to their respective Area and to take information from the police department back to the community.
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