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SYNO PAC | political action committee
acoustic power <Pac>
Schallleistung {f} <Pak>
3 Wörter
phase angle control <PAC>
Phasenanschnittssteuerung {f} [Rsv.] [Phasenanschnittsteuerung]
political action committee <PAC> [Am.]
Political Action Committee {n} [private politische Organisation zur Mobilisierung für Kandidaten oder Anliegen]
premature atrial contraction <PAC>
vorzeitige atriale Kontraktion {f}
primary auditory cortex <PAC>
primärer auditiver Cortex {m}
primary auditory cortex <PAC>
primärer auditorischer Cortex {m} <PAC>
primary auditory cortex <PAC>
primärer auditorischer Kortex {m} <PAK>
pulmonary artery catheter <PAC>
Pulmonalarterienkatheter {m} <PAK> [Swan-Ganz-Katheter]
pulmonary artery catheterization <PAC> [right heart catheterization]
Rechtsherzkatheteruntersuchung {f} <RHK>
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  • primärer auditorischer Cortex {m} <PAC> = primary auditory cortex <PAC>
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  • The Washington State Cougars men's basketball team represents Washington State University and competes in the Pac-12 Conference (Pac-12) of NCAA Division I.
  • File:NASA Spacecraft Sees 'Pac-Man' on Saturn Moon (4474329146).jpg|Temperature map overlay of Mimas, commonly said to resemble Pac-Man.
  • who appear on the title track "Pac's Life." They also participated in the release of the single version of the song, which was filmed at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts.
  • These long concatemers are then cleaved between the pac-1 and pac-2 regions for packaging of the genome into individual virions.
  • In 2008 for North America only, the PlayStation 2 versions of "Pac-Man World 3", "Pac-Man World 2", and "Pac-Man World Rally" were released in a 3-pack called "Pac-Man Power Pack".

  • One notable agreement was that with the Pac-12 Conference, in which packages of football and men's basketball regular season games were broadcast across all FSN networks within the regions served by each Pac-12 member university.
  • The PAC Cresco is a turboprop-powered derivative of the Fletcher FU-24 (later called the PAC Fletcher) aerial topdressing aircraft, manufactured by the Pacific Aerospace Corporation in Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • The PAC has held four public consultations to gather the opinions of the wider Irish internet community and to ensure that these are taken into consideration during the policy development process.
  • For traditional reasons, PAC files are often called "proxy.pac" (of course, files with this name will be ignored by the WPAD DNS search).
  • and "The Patient's Guide" with a Dutch-language version entitled "Zo Praat je met je arts" and creator of the PAC-Card (www.pac-card.com).

  • The Pac-12 Conference Hall of Honor recognizes former athletes and coaches who have made a significant impact to the tradition and heritage of the Pac-12 Conference.
  • Bio Pac, Inc. is an American company that sells cleaning products in bulk and refillable containers.
  • Woodland High School is home to Cartersville's Performing Arts Center (PAC).
  • The producers also added Easter eggs: during the scene where Tron and Ram escape from the Light Cycle arena into the system, Pac-Man can be seen behind Sark (with the corresponding sounds from the "Pac-Man" arcade game being heard in the background), while a "Hidden Mickey" outline (located at time 01:12:29 on the re-release Blu-ray) can be seen below the solar sailer during the protagonists' journey.
  • It was also packaged into the 2012 Nintendo 3DS game "Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions", alongside five other games from the "Galaxian" and "Pac-Man" series.

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