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perivascular space <PVS>
perivaskulärer Raum {m}
polyvinyl siloxane <PVS> [also: poly-vinyl siloxane]
Polyvinylsiloxan {n} <PVS>
persistent vegetative state <PVS>
Wachkoma {n} [apallisches Syndrom]
Plummer-Vinson syndrome <PVS>
Plummer-Vinson-Syndrom {n} <PVS>
post-vaccination syndrome <PVS>
Post-Vac-Syndrom {n}
pulmonary valve stenosis <PVS>
Pulmonalklappenstenose {f} <PVS>
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  • Polyvinylsiloxan {n} <PVS> = polyvinyl siloxane <PVS> [also: poly-vinyl siloxane]
  • Pulmonalklappenstenose {f} <PVS> = pulmonary valve stenosis <PVS>
  • Plummer-Vinson-Syndrom {n} <PVS> = Plummer-Vinson syndrome <PVS>
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  • Superposed on the smooth plains unit and on all older deposits were craters of c4 age, inside which was emplaced the very smooth plains material (unit pvs).
  • It then becomes possible to reformulate a stream of profits and royalties to their PVs. The sum of PVs results in the "Net Present Value (NPV)".
  • Data held in the records are represented by unique identifiers known as Process Variables (PVs). These PVs are accessible over the network channels provided by the CA/pvAccess protocol.
  • One of the products IBM released to help developers was "Program Validation Services" (PVS).
  • All IZh-56s have iron sights and they can be equipped with scope base for PVS-1 () optical sight. The weight of PVS-1 scope without the scope base is 150 grams.

  • According to the Armed Forces History Museum, the PVS-17 intensifies images for night vision sight and fits easily on a variety of weapons. The PVS-17 operates submerged in depths up to 66 ft.
  • The AN/PVS-5 is a dual-tube night-vision goggle used for aviation and ground support.
  • They were designed to replace the older AN/PVS-5 from the Vietnam War.
  • Democratic incumbent Raúl Grijalva was challenged by Republican nominee physicist Ruth McClung (campaign site, PVS), Libertarian banker George Keane (campaign site, PVS), and Independent high school teacher Harley Meyer (campaign site, PVS).
  • Although production has ceased, as recently as 2008 the US military was still obtaining parts to both repair AN/PVS-4s and convert AN/PVS-4s to AN/TVS-5As.

  • The Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) is a non-profit research and educational corporation based in Honolulu, Hawai [...] i.
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