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password <pw>Passwort {n} <PW>
petawatt <PW>
Petawatt {n} <PW>
Palau <.pw>
Palau {n}
picowatt <pW>
Picowatt {n} <pW>
2 Wörter
projection welding <PW> [short] [resistance projection welding]
Buckelschweißung {f} [kurz für: Widerstandsbuckelschweißung]
pulse width <PW>
Pulsdauer {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulsweite {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulslänge {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulsbreite {f}
pulse width <PW>
Impulslänge {f}
pulse width <PW>
Impulsbreite {f} <IB>
pulsed wave <pw, PW>
gepulste Welle {f} <pw, PW>
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  • Passwort {n} <PW> = password <pw>
  • Petawatt {n} <PW> = petawatt <PW>
  • Picowatt {n} <pW> = picowatt <pW>
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  • Probably previous church was pw. Announcing Maria's the Holiest Unmarried woman.
  • Among the notable points of interest in Końskowola is a Catholic church pw.
  • The country code top-level domain .pw was delegated to the Pacific island nation of Palau in 1997.
  • The auction of 3 sets of Black Lives Matter iron shafts 3-pw.
  • the interface not in contact with the channel wall), and pw is the wetted perimeter (i.e., the walls in contact with the fluid), and θ is the contact angle of the fluid on the material of the device.

  • W piątą rocznicę śmierci w kościele parafialnym pw.
  • Proto-Oceanic bilapial *p divided into reflexes represented by *p and *pw with each one further splitting into *pp and *ppw, respectively, in Proto-New Caledonian.
  • He joined the London-based firm of PW and CS Meik as a pupil (coincidentally, engineering brothers Patrick Meik and Charles Meik were also born in Bishopwearmouth) in the early 1900s and one of his earliest projects was the Kinlochleven hydroelectric scheme in the Western Highlands of Scotland, where he worked as assistant resident engineer.
  • The orthography after 1995 (which has no diacritics) has these written as "mw" and "pw".
  • The village has a parish church, Parafia pw. Najświętszej Maryi Panny Królowej w Józefowie k. Legionowa, built in 1997–2004.

  • Daniel began practicing law in 1993 in Martinsburg, West Virginia and moved to Berryville, Virginia, in 1996 to join the pw firm of Hobert, Kerr & Perka P.C.
  • ] pw. [...] (projektował Jerzy Okniński, 1981–82) oraz pomnik (odsłonięty w 1975 r.) poświęcony żołnierzom polskim [...] First Polish Army (1944–1945)walczącym podczas [...].
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