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pulse width modulation <PWM>
Pulsweitenmodulation {f} <PWM>
pulse-width modulation <PWM>
Unterschwingungs­verfahren {n} [Pulsweitenmodulation]
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  • Pulsweitenmodulation {f} <PWM> = pulse width modulation <PWM>
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  • PWM fan control, however, is the easiest and most efficient option for modern motherboards that have PWM fan headers.
  • When the required charge pressure has finally been calculated it is converted to the PWM signal that controls the solenoid valve, The ECU then controls that the actual pressure (measured by the pressure sensor) corresponds with the required pressure.
  • PWM can contribute to B-cell assay or other lymphocytes for testing.
  • Vecoven states that the PWM mod makes use of resources already present in the original hardware, so that it can be suspected that the missing PWM capability was scrapped in the later stages of the JX-10 design.
  • Each voice had one oscillator with sawtooth wave, variable pulse wave, or PWM outputs.

  • The information content (IC) of a PWM is sometimes of interest, as it says something about how different a given PWM is from a uniform distribution.
  • One early application of PWM was in the Sinclair X10, a 10 W audio amplifier available in kit form in the 1960s. At around the same time PWM started to be used in AC motor control.
  • The dominant harmonic frequencies are sidebands of the PWM frequency and multiples thereof.
  • PWM rectifier is an AC to DC power converter, that is implemented using forced commutated power electronic semiconductor switches.
  • His scores are published by PWM Edition.

  • The GPIOs from Hilscher are able to generate Interrupts, could count level or flags, or could be connected to a timer unit to auto generate a PWM.
  • Intel Released an Arduino Uno compatible board (with only 4 PWM pins instead of 6) that accepts the Intel Edison module. Newer revisions have 6 PWM pins.
  • Arctic claims to be the patent holder of the PWM Sharing Technology, namely PST, which shares a single PWM signal with all the other PWM controlled devices connected to the motherboard to control all fan speeds and enhance the noise level according to the load.
  • There are two general types of PWM. Each PWM defines a value that is used by the servo to determine its expected position.
  • It works by means of a microcontroller that is programmed to interpret MIDI data, and output a corresponding Pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal.

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