Übersetzung für 'Pa'anga' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Tongan Pa'anga <T$, PT>
Tongaischer Pa'anga {m} <T$, PT> [Tonga-Dollar]
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Übersetzung für 'Pa'anga' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Tongan Pa'anga <T$, PT>
Tongaischer Pa'anga {m} <T$, PT> [Tonga-Dollar]curr.
  • Tongaischer Pa'anga {m} <T$, PT> [Tonga-Dollar] = Tongan Pa'anga <T$, PT>
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  • Candidates were required to pay a P400 (Tonga-pa'anga) registration fee (equivalent to $215 US or €165) and present the signatures of 50 eligible voters in support of their candidacy.
  • Following conviction, he was sentenced on 6 March 2015 to a 2,400 pa'anga fine.
  • Tonga Development Bank supplies loans, savings, cross border cash remittances (Ave Pa'anga Pau), domestic money transfer, promissory notes, and business advising.
  • The Crown Prince and Crown Princess had the title of "Anga Mahkuta Raja Kumara". If the sovereign has any sons, he will be given the style "Anga Sadet Chao Fa Jaya" and if any daughters, she will be styled as "Anga Sadet Chao Fa Nying". If the Crown Prince has as a son he would be titled as "Anga Sadet Chao Rajadhanadha", with the style of His Royal Highness.The daughters of the Heir Apparent would be styled as "Anga Sadet Chao Nying Rajadhanadha", with the style of Her Royal Highness added to their title.
  • In 1928, what is now PA 590 between Lackawaxen and present-day PA 434 in Greeley was designated PA 37. In 1946, PA 37 was removed from the PA 590 alignment. PA 37 remained in existence until 1967 when PA 37 was replaced by PA 434. In 2004, PA 434 was extended from its southern terminus down to an intersection with PA 739 in Lords Valley.

  • "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy" featured guests such as Lenny Kravitz, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Aerosmith, and rock band Garbage.
  • She has hosted the hit talk show "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy" alongside Ami Onuki in Japan, which aired from 1999 to 2002.
  • The Magadha-Anga War was a conflict between the Haryanka dynasty of Magadha and the neighbouring Anga Kingdom. The conflict ended in defeat of the Anga kingdom and the Magadha annexed their territory.
  • Brahmadatta of Anga (6th century BCE) was an ancient Indian King of Anga.
  • Pennsylvania Route 237 ran from PA 37 and PA 590 in Lackawaxen to PA 137 (now PA 434) in Shohola Township from 1928 to 1946.

  • Anga Lipi (????????????) was a historical writing system. The Anga Lipi finds its mention in the Buddhist text "Lalitvistar" which says Anga lipi was the one of the script among the 64 scripts known to Lord Budhha.
  • The Pa Then (or Pá Hưng; Vietnamese: người Pà Thẻn) are Pa-Hng-speaking people classified as an ethnic group of Vietnam. Most Pa Then live in Hà Giang and Tuyên Quang provinces, located in Vietnam's Northeast region. The Pa-Hng language belongs to the Hmong–Mien language family.
  • The people of Tonga use the beans of this plant (known as "pa [...] anga") as ankle decorations for their traditional kailao dance as well as for use in an ancient game called "lafo".
  • Anga is a populated area, a socken (not to be confused with parish), on the Swedish island of Gotland. It comprises the same area as the administrative Anga District, established on 1 [...] January 2016.
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