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SYNO Neftali Ricardo Reyes | Neruda | Pablo Neruda | ...
Pablo Neruda [Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto]
Pablo Neruda {m}
San Pablo towhee [Melozone fusca, syn.: Pipilo fuscus]
Braunrücken-Grundammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}]
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  • Pablo Neruda {m} = Pablo Neruda [Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto]
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  • In November 2015 the Chilean government acknowledged that Pablo Neruda might have been murdered by members of Pinochet's regime.
  • In a 2010 interview by "Tufts Observer", Komunyakaa when asked to list the individuals who most influenced him, he names Robert Hayden, Bishop, Pablo Neruda, and Walt Whitman.
  • In his book "Canto General", Pablo Neruda also pays tribute to the 'Liberal Caudillo', with a poem to Central America.
  • The back cover of "The Pretender" shows Pablo Neruda's poem Brown and Agile Child, translated by Kenneth Rexroth, in its entirety.
  • Later in 1981, Los Jaivas created their most famous and important album, Alturas de Machu Picchu, where several of their songs were inspired by the lyrical work of Pablo Neruda.

  • Poets such as Nâzım Hikmet, Louis Aragon and Pablo Neruda acknowledged having been influenced by his work.
  • As a journalist, she once sought an interview with poet Pablo Neruda.
  • In Valparaíso, he listened to a group of young people who introduced him to part of the work of the poet Pablo Neruda.Theodorakis loved it and promised to give Chile his musical opinion on the "Canto General".
  • He set poems by Pablo Neruda to music and performed at a ceremony honoring him after Neruda received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1972.
  • Oratorios by popular musicians include Léo Ferré's "La Chanson du mal-aimé" (1954 and 1972), based on Guillaume Apollinaire's poem of the same name, Paul McCartney's "Liverpool Oratorio" (1991) and Mikis Theodorakis's Canto General and Axion Esti based on poems of Pablo Neruda and Odusseas Elytis.

  • In Pablo Neruda's poem, "Standard Oil Company," he referred to the Chaco War in the context of the role that oil companies had played in the war.
  • Chile's most famous poet is Pablo Neruda, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature (1971) and is world-renowned for his extensive library of works on romance, nature, and politics.
  • He was considered one of the most influential Chilean poets of the Spanish language in the 20th century, often compared with Pablo Neruda.
  • He returned to South Africa in 1990, after the ANC was unbanned. In 1993, he won the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa. In 2004, he received the Pablo Neruda award from the Chilean government.
  • Pablo Neruda—like Kipling, a Nobel laureate—found a framed ornamental copy of the poem near the Duke of Alba's bedside in the Palacio de Liria.

  • In the 20th century, Chilean author Pablo Neruda, the future Nobel Literature Prize laureate, wrote a poem about him.
  • Nobel laureates Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda both lived in Temuco for some time.
  • – August 4, 1978) was a Russian author and socialite, connected to many leading figures in the Russian avant-garde between 1914 and 1930 She was the lover and muse of Vladimir Mayakovsky, even while she was married to poet, editor and literary critic Osip Brik (1888–1945). Pablo Neruda called Lilya "muse of Russian avant-garde".
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