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NOUN   Pachomius the Great | -
Pachomius the Great
Pachomios {m} der Große
The Great and Secret Show: The First Book of "The Art" [Clive Barker]
Jenseits des Bösen
the Greatder Große <d. Gr.>
the great outdoors(die) freie Natur {f}
Alexander the Great
Alexander {m} der Große
Romulus the Great
Romulus der Große [Friedrich Dürrenmatt]
Darius the Great
Darius {m} der Große
the great worlddie Vornehmen {pl}
the (great) deluge
die (große) Sintflut {f}
Alfred the Great
Alfred {m} der Große
The Great Multiplication
Das große Einmaleins [Vicki Baum]
Constantine the Great
Konstantin {m} der Große
the (Great) Sanhedrin
der Hohe Rat {m}
Cyrus the Great
Kyros {m} der Große
the great unknowndas große Unbekannte {n}
Theodoric the Great
Theoderich {m} der Große
Otto the Great
Otto {m} der Große
Theoderic (the Great)
Theoderich {m} (der Große)
the (great) flood
die (große) Sintflut {f}
the Great Tribulation
die Große Trübsal {f} [Luther]
during the great migrations {adv}
während der Völkerwanderungs­zeit
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  • Saint Pachomius the Great (ca. 292 – 348), also known as Abba Pachomius and Pakhom is the founder of Christian cenobitic monasticism.
  • It was a community founded during the 4th century by Saint Pachomius the Great in the modern hamlet of Al Rahmaniya Qebli (formerly Al Dabbah) near Chenoboskion which is about 5 km east of Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt.
  • It was Pachomius the Great who developed the idea of cenobitic monasticism: having renunciates live together and worship together under the same roof.
  • The invention of the prayer rope is attributed to Pachomius the Great in the fourth century as an aid for illiterate monks to accomplish a consistent number of prayers and prostrations in their cells.
  • Pacôme is a French masculine given name, and sometimes surname, taken from the French spelling of Pachomius, primarily in reference to Saint-Pacôme, Pachomius the Great.

  • When the Coptic Church was reformed under Pachomius the Great, the hermits throughout the regions were brought together into organized communities.
  • After becoming the abbess of the Convent of Abu Seifein, Tamav stated that she had received a vision of Christ and of St Pachomius the Great (292-348 AD), one of founders of the communal life of monks and nuns (Cenobitic Monasticism).
  • </blockquote>The angel told him to visit the monastery at Tabennisi (founded by Pachomius the Great), and there to find a woman who was more holy than himself.
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