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Pais equation
Pais-Gleichung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Pais' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pais equation
Pais-Gleichung {f}nucl.phys.
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  • In the 3 paisa and 13 paisa stamps, spelling errors such as "3PASIA" or 13 "PAIS" which are even listed in Stanley Gibbons are forgeries.
  • The 2022 Brazilian film "A menina que matou os pais: A confissão" is the continuation of the 2021 films. It depicts the investigation, confession and trial of perpetrators.
  • He fell out with the Galician nationalists in Venezuela, and in response published the poetry collection "Viaxe ao pais dos ananos" ("Journey to the land of the dwarves").
  • López was also a panelist of the political debate TV show "Ante la prensa", as well as the moderator for "Cara a cara ante el pais", whose format is still mimicked by political debate shows in Puerto Rico, almost four decades after the show's first airing.
  • The priestesses "mães-de-santo" are more venerated in African-Brazilian religions than the male priests, the "pais-de-santo".

  • The hamlet is known as the "village without name": its name is considered bringer of bad luck in the towns around, where Colobraro is usually mentioned in the local dialects simply as "chillu paese", "cudd' puaise" or "chill' pais", all simply meaning "that village".
  • His most recent movies include "O Veneno da Madrugada", "Cabra Cega", "Corpo", "Não Por Acaso", "Getúlio", "A menina que matou os pais" and "O menino que matou meus pais".
  • An "erômenos" can also be called "pais", "child".
  • Some members of the community are active members in "Un techo para mi pais" which helps people in need build houses.
  • Other types of "otak-otak" include dishes called "pais ikan", "botok" that are made of fish paste cooked in banana leaves.

  • Bean crock ("les pais au fou") can best be described as a sort of Norman cassoulet. It is a slow-cooked pork and bean stew, most authentically containing a pig's trotter, water and onions.
  • In November 1996 Sollogoub received the Medal of the City of Paris, "Vermeil" level, the highest, in the hall of honor of the town hall of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, for his large glass roof "Le Chemin du Roy au pais de Canada".
  • Bean crock ("les pais au fou") is a slow-cooked pork and bean stew, most authentically containing a pig's trotter, water and onions.
  • In 2019, an undated yet signed work by Domingo from the "tipos del pais" series previously from a private collection in the United States: "Un Indio Noble de Manila" sold for a record PHP3.74 million (US$71,824.44) at Leon Gallery in the Philippines, becoming the most expensive artwork sold by the artist internationally.
  • The "pais" or pepes cooking method that employs banana leaf as the wrapper of food is also common in Sundanese cuisine.

  • In 2009, Gibbs committed himself full-time to the development of Pais, launching various initiatives and resources such as mypais.com and Livewire, a weekly training video.
  • France presents linguistic arguments against the equivalence of "pais" and son and considers these two separate miracles.
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