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Plata Glacier
Plata-Gletscher {m}
Oro y plata [USA] [Montana state motto: Gold and silver]
[Motto des US-Staates Montana: Gold und Silber]
La Plata dolphin [Pontoporia blainvillei]
La-Plata-Delfin {m}
La Plata three-banded armadillo [Tolypeutes matacus]
Südliches Kugelgürteltier {n}
La Plata three-banded armadillo [Tolypeutes matacus]
Südliches Dreibindengürteltier {n}
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  • These silver coins were called "plata provincial".
  • They have a brown background and the lily flowers are silver because they represent the majestic Río La Plata ("plata" is Spanish for silver), which borders the town of Dorado to the east.
  • "Laplatasaurus" (meaning "La Plata lizard", named for La Plata, Argentina) is a genus of titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous in South America, with the holotype and only known specimen found in the Anacleto Formation.
  • The term Vía de la Plata is commonly thought to derive from the modern Spanish word for silver, "plata".
  • However, no distinction was made between the silver ("de plata") and billon ("de vellón") reales issued by the Spanish (1 "real de plata" = 2 "reales de vellón" before 1737, 2½ after), providing a substantial profit for the army officers making payments to troops.
  • On December 6 of every year, the silver that is part of the little statue is washed before congregants in a ceremony called the "lavado de la plata".
  • "H. laplatae" is a very large loricariid, reaching 69 cm (27.2 inches) in total length. It sometimes appears in the aquarium trade, where it is often referred to as the La Plata pleco.
  • Casas also wrote an opera libretto, "El mensajero de plata".
  • 2011-2012 he paddled kayak solo for 280 days on various river systems through the South American continent, from Orinoco's river delta in Venezuela to Argentina and Rio de la plata.
  • "Helsonia" is a monotypic genus of South Pacific intertidal spiders containing the single species, "Helsonia plata".
  • Velásquez was then given a choice: "love or death, money or lead ("plata o plomo")".
  • Adnan also acted in numerous Bosnian films including: Fedex, Prva plata (...), Miješano meso za četiri osobe (...), Teško je biti fin (...).
  • The Colours of the fraternity in Spanish Heraldry are oro, azur, gules and plata.
  • "Platanichthys platana", the Rio Plata sprat, is a very small species of fish belonging to the herring family, Clupeidae. It is endemic to South America. It is the only species in its genus.
  • Time after that they released the Spanish version of "You Want My Money" stylized as (Quieres mi plata).
  • His first lead role was as "Rafael Méndez" in the 2006 RCN TV telenovela "Hasta que la plata nos separe", opposite Marcela Carvajal.
  • "Hasta que la plata nos separe" (English: "Until Money Do[...] Us Part") [...] is a Colombian telenovela created and written by Fernando Gaitán, starring Victor Hugo Cabrera and Marcela Carvajal.
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