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first quarter <Q1, Q-1>
erstes Quartal {n}
first quartile <Q1, Q-1>
erstes Quartil {n} <Q1>
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Übersetzung für 'Q-1' von Englisch nach Deutsch

first quarter <Q1, Q-1>
erstes Quartal {n}econ.
first quartile <Q1, Q-1>
erstes Quartil {n} <Q1>stat.
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  • Both were built with the hope of reaching "scientific breakeven" where the "fusion energy gain factor" or "Q" = 1.0.
  • When net positive work is applied to a charge "q"1, it gains speed and momentum.
  • A box plot of the data set can be generated by first calculating five relevant values of this data set: minimum, maximum, median ("Q"2), first quartile ("Q"1), and third quartile ("Q"3).
  • 13.1 Set a=0, p=1, q=1.
  • Their additional consumption makes up the difference between "Q"1 and "Q"0.

  • For example, for the elliptic curve case there are two roots, and it is easy to show the absolute values of the roots are "q"1/2.
  • For example, let "G" be the group μ"3" ⊂ "GL"(1) of cube roots of unity over the rational numbers Q.
  • The 25th percentile is also known as the first "quartile" ("Q"1), the 50th percentile as the "median" or second quartile ("Q"2), and the 75th percentile as the third quartile ("Q"3).
  • Design further evolved after 2010 and the introduction of new 7 character plates. Trailer plates switched to the RAL-3001 color, still starting with the letter Q (1-QAA-123).
  • Let "Q" = −1. For every natural number "P", the Lucas–Wieferich primes associated with ("P", −1) are called "P"-Fibonacci–Wieferich primes or "P"-Wall–Sun–Sun primes.

  • First, we multiply "A" with the Householder matrix "Q"1 we obtain when we choose the first matrix column for x.
  • The elements of the algebra Cl"p","q"(...) form an even subalgebra Cl [...] (...) of the algebra Cl"q"+1,"p"(...), which can be used to parametrise rotations in the larger algebra.
  • Let "q" denote the probability that a given neutron induces fission in a nucleus.
  • The age at which a specified proportion of survivors remain can be found by solving the equation "S"("t") = "q" for "t", where "q" is the quantile in question.
  • A French variant of the second half of the 19th century both in France and Belgium in which the aim is to avoid taking all four Queens as well all hearts.

  • Quarks carry a charge, so knowing the charge of a particle indirectly gives the quark content.
  • It is a property of Gauss sums that |"τ"&hairsp;(&hairsp;"χ")&hairsp;| = "q"1/2, so |"ɛ"&hairsp;(&hairsp;"χ")&hairsp;| = 1.
  • There are an infinite number of uniform tilings based on the Schwarz triangles ("p" "q" "r") where 1/"p" + 1/"q" + 1/"r" < 1, where "p",&thinsp;"q",&thinsp;"r" are each orders of reflection symmetry at three points of the fundamental domain triangle, the symmetry group is a hyperbolic triangle group.
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