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second quarter <Q2, Q-2>
zweites Quartal {n}
second quartile <Q2, Q-2>
zweites Quartil {n} <Q2>
every 2 hours {adv} <q2h> <q.2h.>
jede 2. Stunde
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  • The slope for the hot objects is q = 5.3 at large diameters and q = 2.0 at small diameters with the change in slope at 110 km.
  • Assume ("ax"2 + "bx" + "c") cannot be reduced to the following expression ("px" + "q")2 for some "p" and "q".
  • A box plot of the data set can be generated by first calculating five relevant values of this data set: minimum, maximum, median ("Q"2), first quartile ("Q"1), and third quartile ("Q"3).
  • For "q"-ary strings over an alphabet of size "q" ≥ 2 the Hamming distance is applied in case of the q-ary symmetric channel, while the Lee distance is used for phase-shift keying or more generally channels susceptible to synchronization errors because the Lee distance accounts for errors of ±1.
  • That means that a machine with an average "q" = 2 might still be less than 1 in certain areas.

  • In addition are those who have committed serious criminal offenses against other human beings: the murder of a believer (Q.4:93, 3:21), usury (Q.2:275), devouring the property of an orphan (Q.4:10), slander (Q.104), particularly of a chaste woman (Q.24:23).
  • In February 2006, "Chase H.Q. : Nancy Yori Kinkyuu Renraku" (...) was presented at the Arcade Operator's Union trade show in Tokyo. The game was released as "Chase H.Q. 2" later in the year.
  • Instead of choosing the coefficients of a between 0 and "q" – 1 they are chosen in the interval "q"/2 to prevent that the original message may not be properly recovered since Alice chooses the coordinates of her message m in the interval "p"/2.
  • The special linear groups SL("n", "q") are thus quasisimple: perfect central extensions of a simple group (unless "n" = 2 and "q" = 2 or 3).
  • The 25th percentile is also known as the first "quartile" ("Q"1), the 50th percentile as the "median" or second quartile ("Q"2), and the 75th percentile as the third quartile ("Q"3).

  • Ng6 f8=Q 2. Ne5 d8=N#. With White moving first, it is 1.
  • 1.2 Stop if q<0 or r(q,2)=0.
  • Cochran's theorem then states that "Q"1 and "Q"2 are independent, with chi-squared distributions with "n" &minus; 1 and 1 degree of freedom respectively.
  • Since the space has dimension 2, any three of these "p"+"q"+2 functions are linearly dependent. These dependencies can be written out to generate a large number of identities involving [...].
  • When net positive work is applied to a charge "q"1, it gains speed and momentum.

  • To extend this to the case of an abelian variety "A", André Weil had to make more explicit the way of quantifying the size of a solution, by means of a height function – a concept that became foundational.
  • In this table, the group number allocated to each list is shown with the number of quotas polled by each list.
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