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Q-Celtic languages
q-keltische Sprachen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Q-Celtic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Q-Celtic languages
q-keltische Sprachen {pl}ling.
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  • The name "Cothirtiacus", however, is simply the Latinised form of Old Irish "Cothraige", which is the Q-Celtic form of Latin "Patricius".
  • Enough is preserved to show that the Celtiberian language could be Q-Celtic (like Goidelic), and not P-Celtic like Gaulish or Brittonic.
  • No Gaelic-derived island names and indeed only two Q-Celtic words exist in the language of modern Orcadians - "iper" from "eabhar", meaning a midden slurry, and "keero" from "caora" - used to describe a small sheep in the North Isles.
  • They spoke Goidelic (an Insular Celtic language of the Q Celtic type.
  • As Gaulish is in the P-Celtic classification, "q" cannot represent the Indo-European "kw". Something like "Sek-ooana" is more likely, unless the local dialect was Q-Celtic (which is not impossible).

  • Their linguistic affiliation has not been fully determined but it is likely that they spoke a 'Q-Celtic' language.
  • MacBain was highly critical of Skene's position of the Pictish language as Q-Celtic in character.
  • It is assumed that the Uraci spoke a 'Q-Celtic' language and archeological evidence shows that their material culture little differed from the Celtiberians.
  • Scholarly handling of Celtic languages has been contentious owing to scarceness of primary source data.
  • Possibly of mixed Illyrian and Celtic origin, the Pellendones migrated to the Iberian Peninsula around the 4th Century BC.

  • The Gaelic languages are part of the Celtic languages and fall under the wider Indo-European language family.
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