Übersetzung für 'Q-relevant' von Englisch nach Deutsch
quality-relevant {adj} <Q-relevant>
qualitätsrelevant <Q-relevant>
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Übersetzung für 'Q-relevant' von Englisch nach Deutsch

quality-relevant {adj} <Q-relevant>
qualitätsrelevant <Q-relevant>QM
  • qualitätsrelevant <Q-relevant> = quality-relevant <Q-relevant>
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  • Thus, Cook and Li argue that de Swaan's theory, though highly relevant, still has its drawbacks in that the concept behind Q-value is insufficient in accounting for some L2 users.
  • The mean reciprocal rank is the average of the reciprocal ranks of results for a sample of queries Q: Note that only the rank of the first relevant answer is considered, possible further relevant answers are ignored.
  • A box plot of the data set can be generated by first calculating five relevant values of this data set: minimum, maximum, median ("Q"2), first quartile ("Q"1), and third quartile ("Q"3).
  • While the relevance of this qualitative data is often suppressed in current uses of Q-methodology, the modes of reasoning behind placement of an item can be more analytically relevant than the absolute placement of cards.
  • In transport economic models, the parameter "q" is the demand and "w" is a measure of capacity (which is relevant when considering possible capacity expansion).

  • The old Euclidean boundary of "Q" is no longer relevant.
  • In this context, Q-FISH is particularly relevant because it is able to detect and quantify critically short telomeres.
  • It is a theoretical model estimating the probability that a document "dj" is relevant to a query "q".
  • The 96Zr decay is particularly relevant because of its high Q and use in searches for time-dependence of the physical constants.
  • These sponsored threads take the form of sponsored Q&A threads relevant to the products being marketed, or of "product tests", where site users are offered free samples in exchange for feedback.

  • The term is only relevant in the case of signalling systems that use discrete signals (e.g. ...
  • The Coleman character remained in the show after modifications were made to relevant dialogue.
  • Whilst the specific S line trim parts are designed and produced by Audi Sport GmbH at its Neckarsulm factory, these mainstream cars are still manufactured and assembled by AUDI AG at their relevant factories on the same production lines alongside their other standard models.
  • Equivalently, if "P'E"("A") is small for all relevant "A", then no attacker has a significant probability of winning the new game.
  • The term is only relevant in the case of signaling systems that use discrete signals (e.g. ...

  • This world differs from relevant indexing on our world, where PTIQ is true.
  • Uyghur’s harmony system has three relevant components: voicing, backness and roundness harmony.
  • The technology provides relevant answers to users in response to queries on a company's internet website or corporate intranet, formulated in natural sentences or keyword input alike.
  • Industry professionals and subscribers of the print and digital editions can benefit from sole video coverage including newscast series and onsite tradeshow coverage; Web seminars that provide live Q&A discussion pertaining to relevant industry topics; and customized surveys and industry polls to drive strategic planning and decision-making processes.
  • For several physically relevant solutions "y" must be periodic of period [...] or [...].

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