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seven (basic) tools of quality <Q7>
Sieben Werkzeuge {pl} der Qualität <Q7>
seven basic quality control tools <7 QC tools, Q7>
sieben elementare Qualitätstechniken {pl} <Q7>
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  • sieben elementare Qualitätstechniken {pl} <Q7> = seven basic quality control tools <7 QC tools, Q7>
  • Sieben Werkzeuge {pl} der Qualität <Q7> = seven (basic) tools of quality <Q7>
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  • The Princess Amalia Wind Farm (Prinses Amaliawindpark in Dutch) is an offshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Prior to its official opening, it was known as the Q7 Wind Farm.
  • "Farfadet" (Q7) was an early submarine built for the French Navy at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • He also appeared on the Q7 program filmed in London, England.
  • The Q37 bus route serves Aqueduct Racetrack and was rerouted in 2011 to serve the casino. The Q7, Q11 and Q41 bus routes also pass nearby.
  • The Veirs Mill Road Line originally consisted of routes Q1, Q2, and Q7.

  • Styling of the Changhe Q7 is controversial as the Changhe Q7 heavily resembles a Range Rover.
  • In some European markets, this A6 allroad quattro was more expensive than the larger Audi Q7, but an air suspension is an expensive option in the Q7.
  • The Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg and Up! variants are completed by installing the finishing components including wiring, wheels, seats and the steering wheel.
  • The Q7 and Q-S1 models have a larger sensor size (1/1.7") resulting in a crop factor of 4.6×.
  • released the Cowon Q7 Plenue. The Cowon Q7 Plenue is an electronic tablet and dictionary and runs on the Android operating system (Android OS).

  • The Q7 fire button launched the Bomarc, [...] Later improvements allowed transmission of Q7 guidance to autopilots of manned fighters for vectoring to targets It proved too much for MIT's resources, resulting in IBM being retained as prime contractor &ndash; though the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Division 6 still participated in AN/FSQ-7 development.
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