Übersetzung für 'QAR' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Qatari riyal <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
Katar-Riyal {m} <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
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Übersetzung für 'QAR' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Qatari riyal <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
Katar-Riyal {m} <QAR, QR, ر.ق>curr.
  • Katar-Riyal {m} <QAR, QR, ر.ق> = Qatari riyal <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
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  • The Jordanian census of 1961 found 576 inhabitants in "Dura Qar.
  • University of Dhi Qar (Arabic: جامعة ذي قار) is an Iraqi university located in Nasiriyah, Iraq.
  • Therefore, he was nicknamed Garyagdi (Anglicisation of "qar yağdı" - "snow has fallen").
  • Her brother Barrick, who like all Eddons is descended from the Qar royal line and had accepted the Fireflower into himself during his time with the Qar, hopes that he can restore the line his ancestor broke and allow the Qar to survive.
  • Dhi Qar Sport Club (...), is an Iraqi football team based in Dhi Qar, that plays in Iraq Division Three.

  • Jamal was released on 30 June 2020 from al-Hout prison in Dhi Qar.
  • is punishable by prison up to three months or by a fine up to 1,000 QAR (ca. ...
  • In 2010 Fatlawi, then a Major General, was the Chief of Police for Dhi Qar province.
  • According to local oral tradition, the name Bqarqacha stems from aramaic "B'qar Qosho" meaning very cold.
  • In Azerbaijani, Ayaz Ata is known as Şaxta Baba ("Grandfather Frost") and his companion grandchild is known as "Qar Qızı" ("Snow Girl").

  • Most stations will offer free feeder buses to places near the stations. Standard tickets cost 2 QAR each for one way, whilst 'gold club' tickets cost 10 QAR each.
  • Nasiriyah District (...) is a district of the Dhi Qar Governorate in Iraq.
  • Now the school has "6 other" campuses in Iraq in An-Najaf, Al-Basrah, al-mosul and dhy qar and mesan also in al-anbar.
  • The basic minimum wage is set at 1,000 QAR. Allowances for food and accommodation must be provided by employers, which are 300 QAR and 500 QAR respectively.
  • Yahia Nasseri ([...]; ) is an Iraqi politician who has been the Governor of Dhi Qar since 2016.

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