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SYNO QCD | quantum chromodynamics
quantum chromodynamics <QCD> [treated as sg.]
Quantenchromodynamik {f} <QCD>
quantum chromodynamics <QCD> [treated as sg.]
Quanten-Chromodynamik {f} <QCD>
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  • Quantenchromodynamik {f} <QCD> = quantum chromodynamics <QCD> [treated as sg.]
  • Quanten-Chromodynamik {f} <QCD> = quantum chromodynamics <QCD> [treated as sg.]
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  • In 2006, Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) was formed as a subsidiary of GSF.
  • In particular, quenched QED is QED without dynamical electrons, and quenched QCD is QCD without dynamical quarks.
  • The techniques for renormalization of gauge theories and QCD were developed and carried out by 't Hooft. It is known that QCD, for a small number of spinors, exhibits asymptotic freedom.
  • Sometimes, the nuclear force is called the residual strong force, in contrast to the strong interactions which arise from QCD.
  • The evidence for QCD condensates comes from two eras, the pre-QCD era 1950–1973 and the post-QCD era, after 1974.

  • In quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the gluon condensate is a non-perturbative property of the QCD vacuum which could be partly responsible for giving masses to light mesons.
  • The QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics) of the hadronization process are not yet fully understood, but are modeled and parameterized in a number of phenomenological studies, including the Lund string model and in various long-range QCD approximation schemes.
  • Because the QCD calculations for direct photon production are considerably easier to perform than for other processes studies of direct photons have been used to test predictions made by perturbative QCD.
  • The strong force is described by quantum chromodynamics (QCD), a part of the Standard Model of particle physics.
  • In summary, the prediction for the number of quarks and their momentum spectrum in high-energy photons, with characteristics very much different from the proton, together with the value of the QCD coupling constant, are borne out nicely by the experimental analyses — a fascinating success of QCD.

  • Among other subjects, Mueller studied the high-order perturbation theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and tests of QCD "hard" scattering processes of hadrons and QCD in nuclear physics and heavy ion collisions.
  • In quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the gauge symmetry transforms a quark of a given color into a quark of another color.
  • In strong interaction physics, light front holography or light front holographic QCD is an approximate version of the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) which results from mapping the gauge theory of QCD to a higher-dimensional anti-de Sitter space (AdS) inspired by the AdS/CFT correspondence and employ large numerical simulations on advanced computers.
  • Parton distribution functions are obtained by fitting observables to experimental data; they cannot be calculated using perturbative QCD.
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