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quality directive <QD> [rare] [quality guideline]
Qualitätsrichtlinie {f} <QR>
quantum dot <QD>
Quantenpunkt {m}
once a day {adv} <q.d.> <qd> [quaque die]
(1x) täglich
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  • The MPD SWAT team uses OSS suppressors for their rifles, carbines and sniper rifles. The issued OSS suppressors are HX-QD 556k and HX-QD 762 suppressors.
  • "Quick detach sling mounts" (QD), also called "flush cup sling mounts", is another type of sling mounting interface.
  • , where "k" is maximal with respect to the parameter "d", in other words, "k" = "qd" + "d" - "q".
  • Hence this number is of the form "qd". Moreover, the integer "d" is strictly positive, since "g" is nontrivial and therefore not central in "G".
  • The QD was running the same software version as its predecessor, despite the newer Symbian 7.0s Series 60 2nd Edition having been shipped on several smartphones by the time the QD was announced.

  • An illustrative limit-case are non-charged semiconducting quantum dots (QD) in an ideal fluid.
  • 2451/QD-TTg approving the "Decision No. 2451/QD-TTg" project to digitize transmission and broadcast terrestrial television until 2020".
  • (NSOM) utilizing an integrated QD-LED has been demonstrated.
  • Thus, the word for 'potter' ("qd") is the same one used for 'building' walls and structures.
  • The island capacitance is a function of the QD size, and a QD diameter smaller than 10 nm is preferable when aiming for operation at room temperature.

  • Then from the stationary QD the electron quantum tunnels to the potential minimum, or SAW QD.
  • The CNT QD connected to metallic leads constitutes a genuine many-body system, due to the electron correlations.
  • The advantages of QD are represented by their fast action; they are able to label a target tissue or cell in seconds.
  • It can be proved that there exists a unique integer quotient "q" and a unique floating-point remainder "r" such that "a" = "qd" + "r" with 0 ≤ "r" < |"d"|.
  • The abstract from the related published research paper states (in part): Results are presented regarding the dynamic fluorescence properties of bioconjugated nanocrystals or quantum dots (QDs) in different chemical and physical environments.

  • According to decision 15/2001/QĐ-TTg and decision 16/2001/QĐ-TTg by The Prime Minister on 2 December 2001, the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City was reorganised with only 3 members; and the University of Engineering gained back its traditional name as Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.
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