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quantum libet {adv} <qu. l.; q. l.; QL> [as much as you please]
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quantum libet {adv} <qu. l.; q. l.; QL> [as much as you please]
so viel beliebt
quantitative linguistics <QL> [treated as sg.]quantitative Linguistik {f} <QL>
as much as you please <ql> [quantum libet]
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  • quantitative Linguistik {f} <QL> = quantitative linguistics <QL> [treated as sg.]
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  • Càng Long district with QL.53 and QL.60 is the main economic, cultural and social gateway of Tra Vinh Province to other provinces, especially provinces in the Mekong River Delta region.
  • Queries written in .QL are optimised, compiled into SQL and can then be executed on any major relational database management system.
  • 30 Inst{qi, Sj Sk L ql} is an abbreviation, as are Inst{qi, Sj Sk R ql}, and Inst{qi, Sj Sk N ql}. See below.
  • The CST Thor series of personal computers are Sinclair QL-compatible systems designed and produced by Cambridge Systems Technology during the late 1980s.
  • The FT QL and its sisters were an important step for Canon, leading to a number of improved versions such as the FTb and the full professional camera system the F-1.

  • PSLV-QL variant has four ground-lit strap-on boosters, each with 12 tonnes of propellant. PSLV-C45 on 1 April 2019 was the first flight of PSLV-QL.
  • 94 was the first QL operating system that broke free of the bounds of the QL 8 colour screen, introducing GD2 (Graphic Device Interface Version 2), a QL compatible 16-bit high colour graphics sub-system.
  • Sinclair QL character set was developed by Sinclair Research for the Sinclair QL personal computer.
  • In 1973, the project was commercialized in the form of a new company called QL Systems and a new product name, QL/SEARCH.
  • The software was originally written in QL Basic on the Sinclair QL, this was compiled with the Digital Precision Superbasic Compiler and released on Sinclair Microdrive cartridges for the Sinclair QL computer.

  • The QL, QS and QI all provide the building blocks for inference about the parameters of interest and therefore it is important to express the QL, QS and QI all as functions of [...].
  • 4. P4=tr'w.cq. V2&=D1>>xws.ql. P4=hr:.zp.th. I2>>lt'.q'.
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