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qualification phase <QP>Qualifizierungs­phase {f} <QP>
qualification phase <QP>
Qualifikationsphase {f} <QP> [auch Qualifizierungs­phase]
qualification plan <QP>Qualifizierungs­plan {m} <QP>
qualification protocol <QP>
Qualifizierungs­plan {m} <QP>
qualified person <QP>
sachkundige Person {f} <SP>
quality plan <QP>
QM-Plan {m}
quality plan <QP>
Qualitätsmanagementplan {m} <QMP>
quality planning <QP>
Qualitätsplanung {f} <QP>
quality policy <QP>
Qualitätspolitik {f} <QP>
quality promotion <QP>
Qualitätsförderung {f} <QF> [Verbessern der Qualitätsfähigkeit]
quaternary prevention <QP>
quartäre Prävention {f}
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quantum placeat / placet {adv} <qu. p.; q. p.; QP> [as much as wanted]
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quantum placeat / placet {adv} <qu. p.; q. p.; QP> [as much as wanted]
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  • Qualifikationsphase {f} <QP> [auch Qualifizierungsphase] = qualification phase <QP>
  • Qualifizierungsphase {f} <QP> = qualification phase <QP>
  • Qualifizierungsplan {m} <QP> = qualification plan <QP>
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  • In a batch reactor, good temperature control is achieved when the heat added or removed by the heat exchange surface (qx) equals the heat generated or absorbed by the process material (qp).
  • She took part in Convoy PQ 1 and Convoy PQ 13, and made the return voyages as part of Convoys QP 2 and QP 10.
  • Qp-Crazy is a Japanese hardcore punk band. The band was started by Crazy Skb in 1994.
  • If the agent buys both qP and qW, he has secured £1 for tomorrow. He has purchased a riskless bond. The price of the bond is b0 = qP + qW.
  • In 2006, qp collaborated with comedy act Pleaseeasaur under the name American Sheriff. Their debut release "Long Arm of the Law" was released by imputor? Records.

  • The regulations specify that no batch of medicinal product can be released for sale or supply prior to certification by a QP that the batch is in accordance with the relevant requirements.(EudraLex, Volume 4, Chapter 1) The QP is typically a licensed pharmacist, biologist or chemist (or a person with another permitted academic qualification) who has several years' experience working in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, and has passed examinations attesting to his or her knowledge.
  • They are sometimes written as "ȹ ȸ" "(qp" and "db" ligatures).
  • If the consumers only take into account their own private cost, they will end up at price Pp and quantity Qp, instead of the more efficient price Ps and quantity Qs.
  • Convoy QP 1 was an Arctic convoy of the PQ/QP series which ran during the Second World War.
  • On 29 August 1942, "Mackay" was temporarily detached to the Home Fleet in support of the Arctic convoy PQ 18 to Northern Russia and the return convoy QP 14.

  • Johnson has composed numerous songs for commercials in Japan for companies such as Panasonic, Body Mainte, and two separate commercials for QP Half and QP Sesame Dressing.
  • In July 2007, QP acquired a 10% share from JDC, raising its ownership to 70%.
  • The QP 8 volume was edited by Katharina Wiedlack, Saltanat Shoshanova and Masha Godovananya (2020).
  • Each function pq("u","m") has an "inverse function" (in the multiplicative sense) qp("u","m") in which the positions of the poles and zeroes are exchanged.
  • Max Born saw that when the matrices that represent pq and qp were calculated they would not be equal.

  • In Canada, National Instrument 43-101 requires reports containing estimates of mineral resources and reserves to be prepared by, or under the supervision of, a Qualified Person (QP) who has at least five years of experience with the reported minerals and is a member of a professional association.
  • Girosi proved a theorem which suggests a whole new set of QP algorithms for SVMs.
  • where "t" − "s" > 0 equals a rational number "p"/"q", we can define "L't" − "L's" to have the same distribution as "X'q"1 + "X'q"2 + … + "X'qp".
  • This closure is primarily due to the nature of the floodplain in Quinnipiac River State Park (WB Maps QP 1 & QP 2).
  • A separate symbol not recognized by the IPA that was occasionally seen, especially in Bantu linguistics, is the "qp" ligature [...].

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