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quarter <qr.>Viertel-
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quick-response {adj} [attr.] <QR>reaktionsschnell
quick-response {adj} <QR>
Quick-Response- <QR> [Code, Generator usw.]
Qatari riyal <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
Katar-Riyal {m} <QAR, QR, ر.ق>
QR code
QR-Code {m}
QR decomposition
QR-Zerlegung {f}
QR factorization
QR-Faktorisierung {f}
quality guideline <QR>
Qualitätsrichtlinie {f} <QR>
quality record <QR>
Qualitätsaufzeichnung {f} [ISO 9000:2000]
quality report <QR>Qualitätsreport {m}
quality requirement <QR>
Qualitätsforderung {f} <QF>
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  • Qualitätsrichtlinie {f} <QR> = quality directive <QD> [rare] [quality guideline]
  • Qualitätsrichtlinie {f} <QR> = quality guideline <QR>
  • Qualitätsrichtlinien {pl} <QR> = quality guidelines
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  • The "Desktop QR Code generator" can generate QR Code for any text, vCard, calendar and URL information.
  • Launched in October 2017, it introduces 2 new payment options for NETS debit, NETS Contactless and NETS QR.
  • The system also features a new membership system using qr code cards to log in by touching the right front sensor with it.
  • Following the formation of QR National in 2004/05, all new business was done under this brand.
  • The average weight of the car and passengers on the road was 4,085 lbs = 1 ton 16 cwt 1 qr 25 lbs (1852.9 kg).

  • Defines QR code 2005 symbols, an extension of QR code model 2. Does not specify how to read QR code model 1 symbols, or require this for compliance.
  • HKMA has released a tool for merchants to convert QR codes from different payment providers into a single standard QR code.
  • Users can scan the QR codes from Flitto's App and get the translation.
  • The song "Edge of Dark Water" was penned by Joe's Daughter Kasey Lansdale and is available for a free download through link/qr code form in the American and British trade paperback editions.
  • AR Cards and QR Codes are both located online for downloading. There are 5 QR Codes containing a different Rabbids character each.

  • Older blacksmiths' anvils are often stamped with a three-digit number indicating their total weight in hundredweight, quarter-hundredweight (28 lb, abbreviated qr), and pounds.
  • I qr.
  • Starting October 12, 2010, users could automatically generate QR codes that, when scanned with a mobile QR code reader, automatically directed users to shortened links.
  • A QR Hobo Code, with a QR stencil generator, was released by the Free Art and Technology Lab in July 2011.
  • The train of a triple system is a functional graph having a vertex for each possible triple of symbols; each triple "pqr" is mapped by ƒ to "stu", where "pqs", "prt", and "qru" are the triples that belong to the triple system and contain the pairs "pq", "pr", and "qr" respectively.

  • 2015 Update: Supersidings have now been completed between CP QR 125 in Ravena and CP QR 118 Coxsackie; CP QR 45.5 in Highland Falls and CP QR 43 in Fort Montgomery; and CP QR 38 in Stony Point and CP QR 33 in Haverstraw.
  • is by means of the quantifier rank qr(&alpha;) of a FO formula &alpha;, which expresses the depth of quantifier nesting.
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