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qualitative risk analysis <QRA, qRA>
qualitative Risikoanalyse {f}
quantitative risk analysis <QRA>
quantitative Risikoanalyse {f} <QRA>
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  • quantitative Risikoanalyse {f} <QRA> = quantitative risk analysis <QRA>
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  • The "Luftwaffe" assigned their Eurofighters to QRA on 3 June 2008, taking over from the F-4F Phantom II.
  • In December 2006, the airline was acquired from its founders by Australian Aviation Holdings, owner of Queensland Regional Airlines (QRA) and Inland Pacific Air.
  • The Secretary of Defense assigned the Pershing weapon system to a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) role in 1964 after a DoD study showed that the Pershing would be superior to tactical aircraft for the QRA mission.
  • In 1976, the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) site at Arsbeck became operational for FKG 2, and QRA Nörvenich was used for training.
  • Since June 2007, Coningsby's Typhoons have been responsible for maintaining the Quick Reaction Alert (Interceptor) South mission (QRA(I)S).

  • Amateur radio contests on VHF and UHF are often scored based on the distance of contacts, typically 1 point per kilometre, QRA locator system was adopted in 1959.
  • The QRA locator system in the 4-character format was introduced at a meeting of the VHF Working Group in The Hague in October 1959.
  • The German Air Force uses Eurofighter Typhoons from Wittmund (QRA North) and Neuburg Air Base (QRA South), with alternate QRA bases in Nörvenich and Rostock-Laage Airport.
  • Some of the QRA software models described above must be used in isolation: for example the results from a consequence model cannot be used directly in a risk model.
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