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qwerty keyboard
Qwerty-Tastatur {f}
QWERTY keyboard layout <QWERTY>
QWERTY-Tastaturbelegung {f} <QWERTY>
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  • Qwerty-Tastatur {f} = qwerty keyboard
  • QWERTY-Tastaturbelegung {f} <QWERTY> = QWERTY keyboard layout <QWERTY>
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  • The DVR station also comes with a qwerty remote control to surf the web or to use the TV Program Guide directly on a TV screen.
  • The P4350 is equipped with a slide out qwerty keyboard.
  • The Motorola i886 is the first ever qwerty slider style cellular telephone designed for use with iDEN Networks. It was released for Nextel on January 9, 2011.
  • The LG enV "(pronounced "envy")", also known as the VX9900, is a Bluetooth-enabled and V CAST-ready mobile phone that includes a full "qwerty" keyboard and a 2.0 megapixel camera.
  • The CharaChorder Lite is a chorded keyboard that allows for much of the same functionality of a CharaChorder One, with a more familiar qwerty layout.

  • Furthermore, the main processor operated as a computer running MetaComCo BASIC, with keyboard entry via an infrared coupled standard qwerty keyboard with additional keys to select videotext, teletext or PC modes.
  • In 2017 Maikelele formed a short lived team known as qwerty with Swedish teammates atter, wenton, slap and the Bosnian player and former Ninjas in Pyjamas coach pita.
  • Due to multilingual nature of Indian society, qwerty keyboards are difficult to localize so Hike is planning to use machine learning to make 80 to 90 percent of sticker-based chat a keyboard-less affair with the help of predictive analysis which now stands at 20 to 30 percent of user conversations on the platform.
  • It has one front-facing camera, one rear camera with flash, and a back-lit, sliding, qwerty keyboard – just like other Xperia pro variants.
  • 0-megapixel camera, TV, FM radio, full qwerty keyboard, and many other features.

  • There also exists an adapted keyboard for Westerners learning Ukrainian (mostly in the diaspora) which closely matches the qwerty keyboard, so that the letters either have the same sound or same shape, for example pressing the "v" on the Latin QWERTY produces the Cyrillic в (which makes roughly the same sound) and pressing the qwerty "w" key gives the Cyrillic ш (based on the similar shape).
  • Kreol is a piece of software that turns a traditional qwerty keyboard into a musical instrument played by typing.
  • Nanu is the word "baby" mistyped on a qwerty keyboard.
  • The laptop keyboard for younger children follows an alphabetic order and the qwerty order for the older ones.
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