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Qaraoun culture
Qaraoun-Kultur {f}
Kultur {f}
Zucht {f}
core culture
Leitkultur {f}
culture medium
Kulturmedium {n} [Nährmedium]
Aurignacian culture
Kultur {f} des Aurignacien [auch Kultur des Aurignaciens]
Iberomaurusian (culture)
Ibéromaurusien {n} [Kultur des Epipaläolithikums in Nordafrika]
Srubna culture
Srubna-Kultur {f} [Balkengrab-Kultur]
Srubna culture
Srubnaja-Kultur {f} [Balkengrab-Kultur]
dining culture
Esskultur {f}
Baradostian (culture)
Baradostien {n} [frühe jungpaläolithische Kultur im Zagros-Gebirge]
Halaf culture
Halaf-Kultur {f}
Hassuna culture
Hassuna-Kultur {f}
Samarra culture
Samarra-Kultur {f}
global cultureGlobalkultur {f}
legal culture
Rechtskultur {f}
courtly culture
Hofkultur {f}
rape culture
Vergewaltigungs­kultur {f}
bourgeois culture
Bürgerlichkeit {f} [als Lebensstil, Kultur]
drinking culture
Trinkkultur {f}
language cultureSprachkultur {f}
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  • Three archaeological sites were found in the Jdeideh area by Jesuit fathers. Two of these featured finds of Heavy Neolithic flints of the Qaraoun culture.
  • A Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture was discovered by Auguste Bergy along a south to west track that lead from the road to a small spring.
  • The majority of the flint tools found were Heavy Neolithic of the Qaraoun culture along with an example each of a later polished tipped axe, pick and adze that are thought to be entirely neolithic.
  • The site showed a direct transition from Paleolithic material which was mixed with flints from an aceramic, vigorous culture, little recorded in the archaeological record called the Qaraoun culture inhabiting the area at the start of the Neolithic Revolution.
  • Mason suggested that the ruins may date back 10,000 years and were likely constructed in Neolithic period (such as the Heavy Neolithic Qaraoun culture of the Anti-Lebanon).

  • The Plain of Zgharta around Zgharta was likely inhabited from at least the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution by the Qaraoun culture as evidenced by some large, heavy Neolithic flints and double-headed axes found in the area that are documented by R.
  • They had suggested that the main type of weathering evident on the Great Sphinx and surrounding enclosure walls could only have been caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall and that the whole structure was carved out of limestone bedrock by an ancient advanced culture (such as the Heavy Neolithic Qaraoun culture).
  • A Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture that pre-dated Sarepta by several thousand years was discovered at Sarafand by Hajji Khalaf.
  • Kefraya was also once home to the Qaraoun culture with a Heavy Neolithic archaeological industry prior to the Neolithic Revolution.
  • It consists of heavy, rough and usually bifacial tools of indeterminate date that has been likened to other Heavy Neolithic material of the Qaraoun culture.

  • Material recovered is in the Museum of Lebanese Prehistory including four bifaces of Lower Paleolithic form along with a variety of material suggested to be Middle Paleolithic and Heavy Neolithic of the Qaraoun culture.
  • The Qaraoun culture is a culture of the Lebanese Stone Age around Qaraoun in the Beqaa Valley.
  • Heavy Neolithic (alternatively, Gigantolithic) is a style of large stone and flint tools (or industry) associated primarily with the Qaraoun culture in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon, dating to the Epipaleolithic or early Pre-Pottery Neolithic at the end of the Stone Age.
  • Fleisch spent years recording and recovering lithics from prehistoric Lebanese archaeological sites and in 1954, it was confirmed that he had discovered and named a previously unknown proto-Neolithic culture in Lebanon called the Qaraoun culture that used a flint industry he termed Heavy Neolithic.
  • Several prehistoric sites were found in the Akkar plain foothills that were suggested to have been used by the Heavy Neolithic Qaraoun culture at the dawn of the Neolithic Revolution.

  • He identified a Heavy Neolithic assemblage of the Qaraoun culture that consisted of chisels, axes cores and other debris.
  • Joub Jannine III (The Gardens) is a Heavy Neolithic site of the Qaraoun culture, [...] south of the village along steep slopes and around the houses.
  • Nabi Zair is a Heavy Neolithic archaeological site of the Qaraoun culture approximately [...] northwest of Anjar, Lebanon.
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