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quality of service <QoS>
Dienstgüte {f}
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Übersetzung für 'QoS' von Englisch nach Deutsch

quality of service <QoS>
Dienstgüte {f}comp.telecom.
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  • Adaptive QoS schemes provide QoS information by factoring the impacts of node mobility and lower-layer link parameters into QoS performance.
  • A web server can only serve a limited number of concurrent requests. QoS is used to ensure that important resources stay available under high server load.
  • As mobile operators upgrade existing "best-effort" networks to support concurrent multiple types of service over all-IP networks, services such as Hierarchical Quality of Service ("H-QoS") allow for per-user, per-service QoS policies to prioritise time-sensitive protocols like voice calls and other wireless backhaul traffic.
  • The word "Qos" is never used on its own in the Tanakh, however it does unambiguously appear twice as an element in a personal name in Ezra 2:53 and Nehemiah 7:55 as "Barqos", "son of Qos".
  • Mobility adds complication to the QoS mechanisms, for several reasons: It is correct to look at QoS mainly from the customer's point of view, that is, QoS as judged by the user.

  • Pure RED does not accommodate quality of service (QoS) differentiation. Weighted RED (WRED) and RED with In and Out (RIO) provide early detection with QoS considerations.
  • The BS and the SS use a service flow with an appropriate QoS class (plus other parameters, such as bandwidth and delay) to ensure that application data receives QoS treatment appropriate to the application.
  • Slicing has become an important part of 5G networks, but we don't have to forget to guarantee the QoS.
  • Meroitic is an extinct language also referred to in some publications as Kushite after the apparent attested endoethnonym Meroitic "qes", "qos" (transcribed in Egyptian as ).
  • Virtual I/O systems that include quality of service (QoS) controls can also regulate I/O bandwidth to specific virtual machines, thus ensuring predictable performance for critical applications.

  • In general, for testing bandwidth where QoS is implemented, always test with traffic that matches the QoS class to be tested.
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